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August 5, 2014 by pegjohnston

 Film Director Timothy Chaffee, a Binghamton native and son of John Chaffee (long time SUNY Binghamton Professor) and the late Dr. Barbara Chaffee (local HIV/AIDS Doctor and Activist), is returning to Binghamton to create a locally focused and funded documentary on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Binghamton and the surrounding areas. The documentary will focus on the patients, family members, healthcare workers, legislators, and community leaders involved in the 1980/90s outbreak, tracing the long lasting effects of the disease both on a personal and community level.

If you have a story to contribute regarding the subject of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Binghamton, go to the Get Involved section of the website  to see how you can participate. Interviews & Testimonials will be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity for every subject’s privacy. 

Says Tim Chaffee, "Because my mother isn’t here to guide me any more, I am reaching out to you - her friends, colleagues, former patients and family of former patients to help me tell this story. Because of the sensitivity around patients with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis (or any medical condition, for that matter), it’s not possible to simply google or knock on doors to find subjects, nor would I want to invade anyone’s privacy without his or her consent. Interviews & Testimonials will be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity for every subject’s privacy.

So I am asking you to come forward if you would like to share your experience. If you feel you have a story about your experience with HIV/AIDS that you are willing to share, or if you were a patient of Dr. Barbara Chaffee’s, or you volunteered, worked for or were a client of the Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP), please contact me. And if you know someone who might have a story they would like to tell me please direct them to this site. It is my hope that together we can tell the story of a community that my mother cared for right up until the very end."


July 25, 2014 by pegjohnston

 New Exhibit Opens in August at Cooperative Gallery 213

Paintings by: Daniel J. Harrington, including paintings by his mentor Daniel K. Tenant.

Photo: "Hayday"          

Guilford artist, Daniel J. Harrington, will be having an exhibit of his gouache (opaque watercolors) paintings at Cooperative Gallery 213 on State Street, Binghamton. The opening reception will be August 1st, 2014  from 3-9 P.M. which is part of  Binghamton’s popular first Friday art walk. The show will be up from August 1-30th. Gallery hours are Friday 3-6pm  and Saturdays  12-4pm.

Harrington  graduated from Bainbridge-Guilford High School in 1995. During his high school years he took all the art classes he could as well as photography. While in high school one of his paintings won a first prize at the annual Bainbridge art show. He also won Best of Show in that same show three years ago. Harrington is now a full time painter working exclusively in Gouache.

Daniel Tennant, former art teacher at BG (1976-2008) was Dan’s teacher for most of his art classes, will also be showing five of his original gouache paintings. Mr. Tennant said that Dan was one of those rare individuals that was good at every medium he tried but was especially gifted at using gouache (opaque watercolors). This is the medium Mr. Tennant has been using since 1979 and Dan took to it like a duck does to water.

As well as a full time artist, Harrington  also owns and operates a business, (HARRINGTON Photography, ART and Framing) located in Sidney, NY.  Dan  is a superb custom framer, does giclee prints on canvas and paper, is a busy photographer and also has an active painting studio. With twin daughters and a farm to maintain he is a busy guy.

Harrington states, “ I am very pleased to be able to have some of Daniel K.Tennant’s  paintings in my show. I feel privileged to have been taught by him. His paintings are extremely powerful. He was an amazing teacher in High School and has remained a good friend and mentor to this day.”

Harrington has a strong connection to his rural surroundings which can be seen in his realistic paintings. In 2011his painting, titled “ Grandma’s Cellar” which depicts mason jars with cob webs and a deer antler, won the regional juried art show held annually by the Cooperstown Art Association. Harrington’s featured painting in “REALISM WITH GOUACHE “ is titled “Hay Day” and depicts an old pitch fork leaning against a hay shoot.


Justice Works Progressive Conference in Albany

Sat Aug 02 2014 - 1:00 AM - Sun Aug 03 2014 - 1:00 AM
Albany Desmond Hotel

Justice Works 2014 is just around the corner in Albany on August 2nd & 3rd!

See website and call Larry for more details. Scholarships available

Guest Viewpoint: Mental health clinic critical to poor

July 18, 2014 by activ60


July 12, 2014 by activ60

You have heard a lot lately about veterans waiting a long time for services. Well, here in River City, i.e., Broome County, the legislature is blasé about the mentally ill who have been denied entry or had to wait six to nine months to get into private agencies. For those who do not know that we have had open access for 45 years at the County Mental Health Clinic, this is happening because the Commissioner and the administration want to close it. Now when you think you are sick and need to see your primary doctor you expect to see them within a day or a week, right? It is called parity to have the same ability to see a Mental health doctor. When you hurt, you hurt, in fact it is a symptom and needs expedient care. The BC Legislature will vote THIS Thursday, July 17; please attend the meeting at 5 pm on the 6th Floor of the County Office Bldg, Hawley St. Send a letter also at:


July 12, 2014 by activ60

Central New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO shared a link. with Save Our Clinic Coalition July 9 Live in Broome County? Please act to save the Broome County Mental Health Clinic. Click the link below to send a letter to Broome County Legislators. Please share widely! Include your Town or District

The Art and the Environment in Environmental Art

July 9, 2014 by imc-editor

The Cooperative Gallery 213 is known for breaking ground in the local art scene and the current show "Off the Wall" continues that tradition. The theme is taking art "off the wall" literally and figuratively, and the curators found a theme of "environmental art" among the 30 artists who submitted works. Most directly addressing environmental problems is Peg Johnston and Shawna Stevenson's "The Waterfall: Plastic is Forever" which is made of many hundreds of cut up water bottles to form an inside/outside "waterfall." Inspired by the work of North Carolina environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck, the piece makes the point that our dependence on plastic rather than more sustainable drinking containers is polluting the Earth. "We in the USA create more waste by far than any other country in the world," said Peg Johnston, "Art installations like this may help us raise awareness about our own impact on the environment." 

Don Sharpe's delightful sculptures of found objects also use waste to create art. Sharpe finds discarded objects in his walks along the river and uses them to create fantastical creatures or elaborate tableaux such as "Mouse Trap", a re-creation of the Rube Goldberg type children's game. He has several sculptures in the show worth a visit to "Off the Wall."

Aubrey Clark and Irene Lawson also created decorative fish and birds out of scrap materials such as coat hangers, credit cards, plastic bags and scraps of fabric. Fish extended the water theme with Judy Salton's giant fish made of chicken wire and John Thomson's delicate balsa wood fish/bird hanging from the ceiling.

The artists will speak about their art and the artists that have inspired them. "Found objects and environmental art, have been used by artists since the beginning of the 20th century," commented Judy Salton, "and we will explore those antecedents at Third Thursday, July 17th at 7 pm. There is no entrance fee to the program at the Cooperative Gallery 213 State St Binghamton.

For more photos, go to


July 7, 2014 by jgarnar

From Debra Marcus, Chief Executive Officer of Family Planning of South Central New York, Inc: “We are deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s outrageous Hobby Lobby decision. Birth control is part of comprehensive health care that millions of women need and use. The Supreme Court decision targets women and their right to affordable contraception.

Roberson Summer Camps

June 30, 2014 by pegjohnston

Each week-long camp provides unique learning experiences for the campers and features fun hands-on activities.   Camps are available for students in grades 2 and up.  The following is a list of scheduled camps, including dates and grade levels. 

Exploration Station:  July 7-11, Grades 3 - 7

Prehistoric Adventures:  July 14-18, Grades 2 – 5

Crime Scene Investigations:  July 14-18, Grades 4 – 8

Sticky, Icky and Weird Science:  July 21-25, Grades 2-5

Invention Convention: July 21-25, Grades 4 - 8

Drawing and Animation:  July 28-August 1, Grades 5 and up

Science Fiction Film:  August 4-8, Grades 4-8

Trash to Treasure:  August 11-15, Grades 2-6

Drawing and Animation:  August 18-22, Grades 5 and up

Who’s Up for the Challenge?:  August 25-29, Grades 3-7

Registration is required to participate in Roberson’s Summer Camps.  All camps run from 9am – 3pm daily and all materials are included in camp tuition.  You can save on camp tuition by becoming a Roberson Member.   Each summer camp tuition is $172 for members, $215 for non-members, all materials are included.  For more information on Roberson’s 2013 Camp offerings, and to register, visit or call 607.772.0660.


June 30, 2014 by activ60

Broome County Legislative Meeting described by citizens as creepy. No bi-partisan discussion.  Republicans act like atomatons asking no questions nor making comments.  JUST voting in lock step -  Nay to everything suggested by the opposition or Aye to all cuts.  We guess all the action is in the caucus meetings.  But maybe that is follow the leader too.  Hard to determine how they arrive at intelligent review.

To add insult to the Public injury, the local Press made no mention ofthe citizens who attended the meeting silently with signs opposing the closure of the BC Mental Health Clinic.  Nor did the Press report on the opposition to hiring a solar company from California that is in financial trouble.

You might try out the Thurs, July 17 meeting at 5 pm when they will vote on the BC Mental Health Clinic resolution.

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