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Mayor David Raises the Rainbow Flag

June 8, 2014 by pegjohnston

Binghamton, NY June 7 2014

It was the 9th Binghamton Pride Flag Raising and a long list of local notables affirmed diversity and LGBTQ people, but Mayor Rich David stole the show, just by showing up. There was some concern that the Republican administration would not be inclusive of the gay community and would decline to continue the tradition of raising the rainbow flag at City Hall. But David's opening remarks spoke of equality, anti-bullying, and an inclusive Binghamton. Across the street from the presentation was a demonstration by local Catholics, in full ritual garb, protesting gay marriage and a lone protester who was taunting the Mayor.

Officials from Kirsten Gillibrand and Gov Cuomo to Assemblywoman Lupardo and City Council members piled on to support the gay community. Donna Lupardo brought people's attention to a bill in the NYS Legislature that would challenge "conversion therapy"  where therapists try to convert LGBTQ people to a straight orientation. Lauren Hering, owner of Merlin's, was the most eloquent in explaining why we need gay pride. The speech is reproduced in the Carousel newspaper and well worth the read.

Additionally, those that sent letters of support or spoke included: Letters from Sen Gillibrand and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli read by Sean Massey; Letter from Gov Cuomo read by Barbara Fiala, DMV Commissioner, and former Broome Co Exec; letter from Eric Schneiderman, read by Ass't AG Aaron Marcus. Two County legislators, Jason Garnar and Tony Fiala spoke, as did two City Councilwomen, Teri Rennia and Leah Webb. Also, Dara Silberstein, Human Rights Commissioner, and organizer of the event and next week's  Pride Palooza (June 14th 12-8 pm), Chris Waters.

To see more images of the event, see the photo gallery on this site (see image galleries tab: "local progressive politics") 

Rally at Chemung County Landfill

Mon Jun 09 2014 - 6:00 PM
In front of Hazlitt Building, 203 Lake Street Elmira

There will  be a rally and press conference in front of the Hazlitt Building at 203 Lake Street in Elmira against a proposed plan to vastly increase the yearly tonnage accepted at the Chemung County Landfill .

Ariel Gold to Speak

Wed Jun 11 2014 - 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
UU Congregation

Ariel Gold, an organizer with Friends of Sabeel North America and the
coordinator for the Ithaca chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace  and the We
Divest Coalition will be the featured speaker on Wednesday, June 11th,
following the monthly board meeting of Broome County Peace Action.  This

Move To Amend Barnstorm with David Cobb (video)

June 4, 2014 by s.schweitzer

David Cobb speaks about the need to amend the U.S. Constitution.

David Cobb is National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited. He is a lawyer and political activist. David has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials, run for political office himself, and has been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He truly believes we must use ALL the tools in the toolbox to effect the systemic social change we so desperately need.

Working Families Party endorses Cuomo-Hochul team, but not without a fight

June 1, 2014 by artisalive

Last night at the 2014 Working Families Party (WFP) convention, the WFP State Committee voted to endorse current Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor candidate Kathy Hochul for 2014.

The air was tense at the convention as the impending evening votes were approaching. On the line to be nominated were State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and the widely watched decision of whether to endorse Cuomo or Zephyr Teachout. As recently as last week, the party was moving toward nominating Zephyr Teachout, Associate Law Professor at Fordham University and activist against corruption. She had a strong prescence at the WFP Convention, and supporters of Teachout were visible.

Cuomo's deal with the WFP is to promote a more progressive agenda for the next four years - including pushing the Women's Agenda, decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, among other issues, and ultimately support and money toward making the New York State Senate have a Democratic majority to pass all the progressive issues that WFP works around. Cuomo made a video and called in in lieu of a physical presence, while Teachout stood before the convention and spoke about how New York can be a leader in progressive issues. There were boos and shouting at the beginning of the video and phone call, while there were cheers when Teachout walked up to the podium. Zephyr Teachout was followed by a line of supporters with signs.

The vote was close. Roughly 58% of state committee members voted for the Cuomo-Hochul ticket, and 41% for Zephyr Teachout. Although who some may call the 'true progressive' did not get the nomination, Teachout was an inspiring potential candidate that inspired WFP members to fight for her nomination. It is too soon to tell how the future will unfold regarding this decision, but it was a healthy debate and a clear sign that the Working Families Party is still strong and kicking.

SAVE Our Clinic Press Conference

June 1, 2014 by activ60

SAVE Our Clinic Press Conference
Date: Wed Jun 04 2014 - 12:00 PM
Location: Corner of State & Lewis St, Binghamton
Stop the closure of Broome County Mental Health Clinic. Like us.

The time is now to speak to your legislators. The Clinic is not taking ANY new clients now.
They just laid off a therapist who served a special population that has the highest suicide rate.

Contact: Karen Carpenter, 518-466-4405 or Judy Arnold, 797-1520

Doctors and Health Professionals Warn About Health Impacts from Gas Drilling

May 31, 2014 by Anonymous

250 doctors, health professionals and researchers sent a letter asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to impose a three- to five-year ban on fracking in NY to allow more time for scientific studies on the health risks of gas drilling/fracking.
"I have seen kids in West Virginia with chronic nosebleeds, people who have these hacking coughs that don't go away, who have memory problems," said Gorby, a microbiologist , who has family in West Virginia.
American Academy of Pediatrics, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the medical societies of Otsego and Tompkins counties and 29 doctors and nurses from the Bassett Healthcare system in Cooperstown, Otsego County signed this letter to their Governor Cuomo. Larysa Dyrszka, founder of the anti-fracking group Concerned Health Professionals of New York, said more science continues to emerge about potential risks to air and water quality from gas drilling/fracking. I keep hearing of the health impacts and risks to our health in our Shalefields of Susquehanna County, Pa. Folks report the nosebleeds, stomach ailments, respiratory issues near gas drilling where water and air contamination is present.
Contact the State Health Dept. and tell them your symptoms near the gas drilling; They are keeping a data base of reactions and ailments near gas drilling; Do we have to wait for "cancer clusters" to appear to know that our environment has been polluted?
Gov. Corbett has closed down a bunch of Health Departments in our rural communities like in Montrose , Pa..
We can't even afford all the health depts. we had prior to gas drilling or it's the Governor's way to hide further the negative impacts and risks near gas drilling.
Dr. McKenzie, 215-662-2354, will see patients for evaluation for shale gas health complaints. She is associated with
We also have a clinic for gas drilling health impacts in southwestern Pa.. They can be found at :
Southwest Pennsylvania Environment Health Project
Submitted by Vera Scroggins

Binghamton is the Birthplace of Virtual Reality? Really? Volunteers Needed!

May 29, 2014 by pegjohnston

(proposed design by Bruce Greig) 
Binghamton? Virtual Reality? Yes! Not just Binghamton but 183-185 Water St., the site of the Parking Ramp by Boscov’s, is where the building blocks of VIRTUAL REALITY were developed:

1. The Bundy Manufacturing Co. (1893-1906) stood at 183-185 Water St., and became the International Time Recording Co (1906-7) and eventually IBM, which, of course, manufactured some of the first computers.
2. The Automatic Musical Co. (1907-14) took over the site to manufacture player pianos, which were robotic innovations.
3. Ed Link, famously, was sitting on the organ bellows at his father’s Link Piano Co. (1914-1933) and got the idea for the Link Flight Simulators (1929, patented 1931) and started Link Aviation and Flying School in that location (1929-34). The Link “blue box” trained WWII pilots.
4. After the devastating floods in 1935 and ’36 the building was not useable and in the late 60’s the Parking Ramp was built in two sections. The American Dance Asylum celebrated the architecture with several performances of the Parking Ramp Dance, which pioneered multi media, video feedback, and dance performances (1978, 1980, 1981, 1984).

Binghamton Pride Coalition Announces Upcoming Events

May 29, 2014 by Anonymous

 The Binghamton Pride Coalition, the organizing group for LGBTQ* Pride Month in the City of Binghamton, is pleased to announce that June is Pride Month and to celebrate we have a variety of events planned to celebrate during the month.
Kick off Pride Month on Saturday, June 7th for the Flag Raising at City Hall in Downtown Binghamton at 11am. Bring your friends and family and show pride in your community.
Wednesday , June 11th. . People of Blessing Interfaith Service. “ The Big Picture” Interfaith service affirming people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Temple Concord, Riverside Drive, Binghamton. 7:00pm
Saturday, June 14th from We will be holding our 10th Annual Pride Palooza , a street festival held this year on Court Street from Collier Street to State. Event runs from 12pm to 8pm with Live Music, Street Vendors, Drag Performances, Adult and Kid’s games and Food vendors. We promise to rock downtown Binghamton like it has never been rocked.
Sunday, June 22nd. Adult Pride Picnic- Chenango Valley State Park. Pine Grove Pavlilion- 1pm to 5pm. Food will be available for purchase. Bring your own drinks. Music , Games and Fun in the Sun with Friends.

Look for other various events at our community allies and supporters such as Merlins, Squiggy’s, Tranquil, Lost Dog Café, M4 Project, Identity Youth Center and the Unitarian Universalist Church. Look for all our events listed on BinghamtonPride. Org or follow us on Facebook. Attached is a complete Calendar of all the events in June.
The Binghamton Pride Coalition is an organization of LGBTQ individuals, groups and allies established in 2004. The Coalition works to end oppression based upon sexuality and gender, promotes pride and visibility, and celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer lives, communities, and cultures in the greater Binghamton area.

Mayor David Announces Latest Initiatives To Improve Operations And Save Taxpayer Dollars

May 27, 2014 by artisalive

Article posted from the City of Binghamton Website, image from here

(CITY of BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) Mayor Richard C. David today announced the City of Binghamton is seeking proposals to identify efficiency measures in public infrastructure.

Specifically, firms are asked to develop programs to convert municipal street lights to LED technology and replace the City's aging water meters.

"A central part of my strategy to save taxpayer money is identifying inefficiencies in daily operations," said Mayor David. "The City's energy costs are significant and are on the rise each year. The two sustainable energy projects I am proposing will allow the City to cut annual costs through reduced maintenance and lower energy consumption."

In 2013, the City spent roughly $1.47 million on energy expenses. Of that, $534,751 was spent on street lighting.

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