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Cardboard Upcycling Workshop AND Screen Printing

09/16/2017 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Bridge Community Center 143 Baldwin St. in JC.

The Department of Public Art (DPA) will sponsor two workshops on Sat. Sept 16th from 12-4 at the Bridge Community Center 143 Baldwin St. in JC. The workshops are in preparation for the Oct. 7th Mural Fest at Floral Ave. Park in JC. In addition to painting murals, children will have an entire Box City to paint and play in. The workshop will design the cardboard playhouses, cardboard animals and mask making for small children to paint and take home. This workshop is for adults and older teens to create the structures that will be painted at Mural Fest.

Birds of Chenango Street

June 20, 2016 by pegjohnston

A guerilla art installation on the abandoned Master Cleaners on Chenango St.

Birds of Chenango Street

Mural Design Contest: Binghamton Plaza Rear Wall UPDATED

May 29, 2016 by pegjohnston

         NEWS FLASH: Mayor David has added $750 to the prize for the winning design AND the deadline is being extended to July 17th.   The Dept. of Public Art (DPA) announces a design contest for a mural slated for the rear of the Binghamton Plaza along the Chenango River Trail, which is also the site of this year's Mural Fest 2016 at Cheri Lindsey Park. "This wall is visible from across the river which makes it part of the Binghamton Gateway and will show Binghamton as a creative, vibrant, and growing community," said Peg Johnston of the DPA. The contest, which carries a $250 prize, will attract local, regional, and national talent and will portray Binghamton's strengths and beauty. The deadline is July 5th and designs should be uploaded to co-sponsor Re-Bold Binghamton's site

            "We are grateful to Michael Galesi and Galesi Development, owner of the Binghamton Plaza property, for his forward thinking in allowing us to paint a mural on this building," commented Mark Bowers, one of the coordinators for Mural Fest 2016. Mr. Galesi, as well as the newly formed Public Arts Advisory Board and Mayor Rich David will have input on the final design. “We are looking for a bold design that will represent the best of Binghamton and track well from across the river,” said Bowers.

            Councilman Conrad Taylor, who represents the North Side said, “The people of the Northside are fighting every day to revitalize their neighborhood and welcome this opportunity to make the Northside waterfront a more beautiful place.”

            Mural Fest 2016 is slated for September 17th, and will be held along the Chenango River Trail at Cheri Lindsey Park. The pool house at the Park will also be painted on that day. There will also be art activities for children and adults. Last year's Mural Fest created more than 30 mural panels which were subsequently placed on boarded up buildings in Binghamton, a program which continues.

            Both Mural Fests were funded in part by the Chenango Co Arts Council (NYS Decentralization grant) with help from the Hoyt Foundation, as well as by the Broome County Tourism fund. Additional fundraising will be needed for supplies and actual painting of the mural. For more information and for a copy of the Request for Proposals, contact

Download the RFP for Mural Fest Design Contest below.

File Attachment: 

Public Art Encourages Voting

October 18, 2015 by imc-editor

The Dept. of Public Art is using art and scraps of wood to remind people to vote Tues. Nov. 3rd. "We encourage civic engagement in our public art, so this is a natural extension to remind people of their civic duty," said Peg Johnston, one of the organizers of the volunteer group. The odd shaped pieces of wood, left over from Mural Fest 2015, were brightly painted and the words Vote Nov. 3rd inscribed. The DPA intends to use the signs on social media and as lawn signs, or wherever people want to display them. Anyone wishing to post one --or paint more-- please contact the DPA at

A public art group in Philadelphia paired art with voting in their "Next Stop: Democracy" project. They recruited 60 artists to create vibrant signs to mark polling stations, and to engage citizens in the voting process.

Their statement:  "Can public art increase voter engagement? This is a question that hasn’t been answered, so we’re getting Philadelphia’s best creatives together to help us find out. Election Day should be one of the most exciting days of the year, but to many people, it seems like a chore. Finding your polling place, finding the entrance, and waiting in line can be complicated and frustrating. Plus, the signage required by the city to identify a polling place is nothing more than a few pieces of paper taped up on the wall outside the door. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you wouldn’t give it a second glance. It doesn’t have to be this way! What if we could transform Election Day from something frustrating into something fun? Our idea is simple. Election Day should be an experience. Instead of boring, confusing signs, let’s use bright, vibrant artwork to identify our polling places. Can artists and performers make Election Day in Philadelphia a little more colorful? We vote yes!"

Less than 50% of voters turn out for elections, even in years where there is a Presidential race. On so called "off election cycles" the turnout is often even less, yet, local elections may affect individuals on many more levels.

Blighted Building to Be Transformed into Aquarium Mural

September 21, 2015 by pegjohnston

 10/25 THE MURAL IS FINISHED, AND DETAILED...   and Beautiful!!  Go visit at 21 Jarvis St. and take a selfie and post on Facebook!  

DPA installed a panel on the third side of the building at 21 Jarvis St. The panel was created by the participants in a workshop by Susan Champeny the artist who designed and painted Cat Fishing.  It, and the entire mural, is being dedicated to Hailey, a young woman who worked on priming the mural and subsequently committed suicide.

 DPA volunteers also detailed the mural by putting up a black "skirting" under the mural and doing touch up painting. The building itself is in poor condition making it difficult to attach boards to it.

Visiting mural artist Susan Champeny is lending her artistic vision and techniques to the Dept. of Public Art’s efforts to improve blighted buildings in Binghamton. The building at 21 Jarvis St. has become an aquarium with bright fish, and even a playful cat. The mural was painted in one week and installed in two parts this weekend. Local artists painted  along with Susan  at the DPA studio in the basement of theCooperative Gallery 213 State St. Binghamton.

“We are delighted to contribute this vibrant mural to this neighborhood,” said Peg Johnston of the DPA. “There are a lot of children in this area and a lot of pedestrian as well as motorized traffic. And Susan has been a great resource for local artists.”

Susan Champeny works with municipalities, private clients, community health centers, and educational institutions to create murals, mosaics, and recycled materials sculpture. “My goal is to inspire wonder and surprise in the viewer by creating memorable images,” commented Susan Champeny. “I am delighted to improve this neighborhood with art and to tackle a whole house mural project.”

The fight-the-blight-with-art project has also placed a large scale mural on Chenango St. with 11 panels depicting a food theme. Another site is on Glenwood Ave. and two or three other property owners have given permission to place a mural on a boarded up site. This project is made possible with public funds from the Chenango Arts Council’s Decentralization Program, a re-grant program of the NYS Council on the Arts, with support from Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature. Additional support for Broome County provided by the Stewart W. & Willma C. Hoyt Foundation.

More information on Facebook page Dept. of Public Art

DPA Glenwood Mural

August 14, 2015 by pegjohnston

Two murals created at Mural Fest and used here on a boarded up building as part of a blight mitigation project funded by the Chenango Co Arts Council, NYS Decentralization grant and the Hoyt Foundation.

Left one painted by Jesse Ryan, and on the right by Mural Arts Studets, Bracken, Zizak and Yetsko.

DPA Glenwood Mural

Looking for Mural History in Binghamton

April 7, 2014 by imc-editor

 Kady Perry has posted the following query:
I am writing to you to include you on a small project I am working on to document the history of murals in Binghamton/Broome County. I am asking for the who, what, where, when, why and how of your mural project(s) in an effort to build on the rich history of murals in Binghamton. Please see attached. The information that you provide will be included in the timeline that is being created. I will be adding this information to mural publications for the Greater Binghamton area and national websites.

As you may know I entered the scene in 2008, when I conducted research at BU on space and place making. I painted my first mural that year, launched a creative collective in 2010 (QuarterYellow), helped organize 4 mural projects in 2011, started to manage a gallery in 2012 and then helped to launch the Dept of Public Art (DPA) in 2013. In 2014 the community worked to pass ordinance RL-13-193 establishing an advisory board for public art. In addition, this year I am working with the Director of the Philly Mural Arts program to build up the DPA, am managing 4 public art projects in downtown Binghamton, partnering with reBOLD Binghamotn to have a May Mural Arts Festival, hosting a mural jam in August and will be teaching ARTS 230 Producing Public Murals this June at BCC. In 2015 I hope to launch a mural arts company with my partner Bruce Greig.

I am not fully aware of past projects and find it very important to include information on them. Also, please let me know if you are engaged in any future projects, so that they can be documented as well.

I want to see _________in Binghamton.

June 4, 2013 by imc-editor

Stickers and Chalkboards solicit neighborhood opinion. Locations at Eldredge and Way St. Upper Chenango St., Court and Carroll St. and Court St. next to RiverRead Books.

I want to see _________in Binghamton.
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