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Syndicate contentMural Fest 2016

DPA Mural Fest meeting

09/18/2017 - 6:30pm - 7:45pm
Cooperative Gallery 213 State St Binghamton

There is an organizational meeting of the Dept of Public Art and reBOLD to plan for the upcoming Mural Fest at Floral Ave. Park in JC OCt. 7th. On that day and the week prior volunteer artists will help paint 5 permanent murals at the Park. Additionally, at Mural Fest there will be painting activities for children including Playhouses, cardboard animals, and masks. Southern Tier Solar Works will also have materials for people to make a solar lantern for their yard.

The Mural Fest Committee is also fundraising through to pay for supplies and artist fees.

Steve Sie

October 5, 2016 by pegjohnston

Mural painted and designed by Steve Sie for Mural Fest 2016 at Cheri Lindsey Park. The Mural Fest was sponsored by the Dept of Public Art and re-BOLD binghamton.


Steve Sie

A Good Walk to Mural Fest 2016

August 21, 2016 by pegjohnston

This year MuralFest is along the Chenango River Trail at Cheri Lindsey Park on the Northside of Binghamton. Early in the planning there was some grousing  from some folks who wanted Mural Fest to stay downtown, but if you are painting murals you have to go where you can paint—in this case, the rear of the Binghamton Plaza and the buildings at Cheri Lindsey Park. And, organizers of the Mural Fest felt that the Northside neighborhood deserved some attention. Much of the ongoing blight project, where original mural art on panels are placed on boarded up properties, were placed on buildings on the Northside.

There are several routes to get to Cheri Lindsey Park, going behind Binghamton Plaza, down Truesdell St. off Chenango St., or… taking a walk down the Chenango River Trail. This route will delight long term Binghamton residents and newcomers alike. The River Trail technically starts on the Southside at the Park Diner to the Washington St. Bridge but its real beauty is revealed at the Confluence as it follows the Chenango River, past Court Street, along the MLK Promenade to the East Clinton St. Bridge. Then it takes a jog down Water St. past Tech Works (a museum that preserves our industrial heritage) to a parking area along the flood wall.

From here it is a beautiful 10 minute walk to Cheri Lindsey Park and the Bark Park for dogs. On a recent walk along the trail, we saw an elegant white egret, a Great Blue Heron, and of course the usual charming gaggle of geese in the river. The Chenango widens at this point and a giant oak spreads out over the edge of the water. Wild flowers are abundant, Mullein, Joe Pye Weed, and a variety of Monarda that even my naturalist guide/pal had never seen.

The scene on the riverside is bucolic and enchanting in a way that is unexpected in the city; the opposite side, that backside of businesses and the Binghamton Plaza is less than inspiring, which is why the mural project for one of these walls is so important. But, even on this side, there have been some landscaping efforts that distract from the urban sprawl. Trees, bushes, and walkways create a pleasant walk which will only get better over time as the plantings mature. (DPA’s own Mark Bowers had a big hand in this Trail when he was a planner at the Dept. of Transportation.)

Mural Fest 2016 is Saturday, September 17th 11 am- 4 pm and there will be murals to be painted, as well as other art activities for all ages. You can get there by car or bus, but consider a walk, a run, a bike ride, or a skateboard trip down the Chenango River Trail. You won’t regret it.

--Peg Johnston

Photo: Monarda Citriodora


Mural Design Contest: Binghamton Plaza Rear Wall UPDATED

May 29, 2016 by pegjohnston

         NEWS FLASH: Mayor David has added $750 to the prize for the winning design AND the deadline is being extended to July 17th.   The Dept. of Public Art (DPA) announces a design contest for a mural slated for the rear of the Binghamton Plaza along the Chenango River Trail, which is also the site of this year's Mural Fest 2016 at Cheri Lindsey Park. "This wall is visible from across the river which makes it part of the Binghamton Gateway and will show Binghamton as a creative, vibrant, and growing community," said Peg Johnston of the DPA. The contest, which carries a $250 prize, will attract local, regional, and national talent and will portray Binghamton's strengths and beauty. The deadline is July 5th and designs should be uploaded to co-sponsor Re-Bold Binghamton's site

            "We are grateful to Michael Galesi and Galesi Development, owner of the Binghamton Plaza property, for his forward thinking in allowing us to paint a mural on this building," commented Mark Bowers, one of the coordinators for Mural Fest 2016. Mr. Galesi, as well as the newly formed Public Arts Advisory Board and Mayor Rich David will have input on the final design. “We are looking for a bold design that will represent the best of Binghamton and track well from across the river,” said Bowers.

            Councilman Conrad Taylor, who represents the North Side said, “The people of the Northside are fighting every day to revitalize their neighborhood and welcome this opportunity to make the Northside waterfront a more beautiful place.”

            Mural Fest 2016 is slated for September 17th, and will be held along the Chenango River Trail at Cheri Lindsey Park. The pool house at the Park will also be painted on that day. There will also be art activities for children and adults. Last year's Mural Fest created more than 30 mural panels which were subsequently placed on boarded up buildings in Binghamton, a program which continues.

            Both Mural Fests were funded in part by the Chenango Co Arts Council (NYS Decentralization grant) with help from the Hoyt Foundation, as well as by the Broome County Tourism fund. Additional fundraising will be needed for supplies and actual painting of the mural. For more information and for a copy of the Request for Proposals, contact

Download the RFP for Mural Fest Design Contest below.

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