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October 30, 2012 by sudhama

Is it possible for us to all have the same physical features? Has it ever been possible for us all to have the same color skin? Has it ever been possible for us to have the same upbringing? Has it ever been possible for us to have the same color, texture or thickness of hair? Is it possible for us all to have the same tastes in art, clothing, architecture or food? Is it possible for us all to have the same views on how we should live our lives, religion, morals and ethical codes or politics? Can we really all be the same and fit into exactly the same boxes?

I suppose I should also ask if we all would want to think the same as everyone else with regards to our political views? Would we all want to live in a world where we had the exact same views on religion, how we should live our lives? Do we want to have the same tastes in art, clothing, architecture or food? Would we wish to have the exact same color, thickness or texture of hair? Do we all want to be weaned on the exact same upbringing? Would we all want to have the same color skin? Do we all wish to have the same physical features?

I guess next I might ask, if it is a good idea for us all be uniformly the same physically? Is the best way to continue forward as a human race to all have the same color skin? Should we all experience the exact same upbringing? Should all of us have the exact same color, texture or thickness of hair? Should we all like the same things in terms of art, clothing, architecture or food? Should we all have the exact same lifestyle, religion and moral code.

What would we be as a human race if we all had the exact same politics, lifestyle, religion and moral code? What would we be as a human race if we all liked the exact same art, clothing, architecture or food? What would we be as a human race if we all had the exact same color, texture and thickness of hair? What would we be as a human race if we all had the exact same upbringing? What would we be as a human race if we all had the exact same color of skin? What would we be as humans if we were all exactly the same physically?

Now, let's say it was something done or engineered by man, who would decide or define what physically being the same would mean for us all? Who would be allowed to pick the color of skin we all were to have as a human race? Who's perspective would be suitable to select the hair color, texture and thickness to be assigned uniformly to us all? Who's taste would dictate which specific taste in the arts, clothing, architecture or food was to be correct for the human race once and for all? Which specific person or people would have the say over which lifestyle, moral code, religious view or political affiliation would be the one for all people ever more?

Would it even be right to have any single person or group of people make that change for all of us, changing us all from singularly unique individuals to carbon copies, exactly the same going forward across the globe?

Most of us enjoy our individuality and the things that make us who we are, even if that means the group identity we choose. Usually for those of us for whom part of our own identity means being closely linked to a specific group, within that group we still have our own identity, our own uniqueness and things to contribute to the group that often we feel define what it means to be ourselves. We are such and such, of this or that group and our role, job or function within the group is such and such.

The vast majority of people would have serious issues with the thought of being told they need to change their entire lifestyle, religious view, political affiliation or moral code to fit that ascribed to them by another person. Most people would bristle at the thought at being told they must like this or that for of art, architecture, clothing or food choice (that would practically be an impossible feat to accomplish). Most people would also get very angry if they were ordered to immediately change their natural hair color, texture or thickness to fit that of all others around them, simply because another person told them to. People would be livid if they were told their skin color was inferior and that they must change it immediately. People would probably riot if they were told to report to such and such government place to be immediately molded to fit the exact same physical features as all others simply because another person deemed their look wrong and another suitable.

We struggle everyday as individuals and our struggles are part of what make us who we are and what we are as people and humans. We battle with our own pressures to conform and also to maintain our uniqueness as key components to self awareness and emotional and spiritual health. In other words, we struggle to balance the two as a mechanism paramount to maintaining sanity for each of us.

Most of us in this country, and most of the developed world for that matter, have come to view it as the right of every person to be themselves and express themselves how they feel, so long as they cause no real harm to others. Freedom of speech, assemblage and destiny were so key to the Arab Spring, Occupy movements and others so admired (whether we agreed with them always or not) around the world. Most of us in the West believe strongly in our right to choose our own paths, and as an example, most of us view it as unfair when we see radical religious fundamentalists try and force their religious views on others in their own country, and are ready and willing to defend our own right to choose our own paths including our views on religion with our lives if necessary.

Here in America, and most of the developed world for that matter, the right for people that are homosexual to live as they please is seen as one of the basic rights of a free society, agree with the lifestyle or not. However, there have been attempts to turn people that are gay straight by forcing them to undergo attempts at essentially brainwashing them into heterosexuality. Most people that are gay absolutely abhor the practice, and rightfully so, and most people that are not gay, like myself, view it as a ridiculous practice also. It's the same as our being forced into the conflict between Palestine and Israel, when we know that if they would just sit down like adults the world would be free of so many of it's problems. Yet we have to suffer for their selfishness and mutual bigotry.

So, why is it we allow the ridiculous practice of convincing people that all women need to be objectified by conforming to a single look to continue – this idea that all women even can or even should fit into a single form, like some mold to take away some perceived physical impurity? Why is it we allow a practice that attempts to hustle diets women don't need that make them sick, in order to conform to physical body types that aren't even biologically natural for most women, to continue? If the same thing was done in this country to convince women to engage in foot binding and to convince their children to engage in it for their own good, there would be an uproar. Why try to make people so insecure about the natural shape of their bodies that every commercial and other form of media tells us that is what men prefer, when actually, almost every study and poll suggests exactly the opposite. That's right, surprise, surprise, most polls and studies shoe most men prefer women of normal size and shape. They like women that actually look like women, not kids.

Why is it that whole industries are built around convincing women that these industries and the men that run them are their friends, when they obviously couldn't care less about these women and are only interested in that estimated one third of every woman's paycheck they siphon? Most women are average size (rhetorically speaking) and that is far more natural and biologically healthy than a size that only vomiting, being addicted to drugs like heroin and crack or substituting cigarettes for food can achieve. Does it really seem they have trouble getting men? Why are there men in this day and age afflicted with the sickness that causes them to invent ways to control a woman's body?

The real issue of course is what it does to many young girls, as they feel the need to look a certain way to be successful, instead of thinking a certain way. Thus, they give up some control over their own bodies by doing so, and are convinced to put them up for rent. The most pressing issue of course center around the fact girls as young as ten ask their parents for plastic surgery, because they feel they don't fit the image pitched by these industries.

This is an industry out of control that is far less regulated than cigarettes and alcohol, but that tries to get people at younger and younger ages hooked on their harmful products. The idea that women need to all fit into one body type is as ridiculous as the idea we all need to have the same color skin, eyes or hair, live the same lifestyle or have the same political view. It's a sales pitch and a hustle and it's time we exposed it for the lie it is.

People are of worth mostly for what they have to offer in terms of who they are, not what they look like, and there is certainly no one group worthy of defining what that one physical type should be for women or the men that love them. People that try and get pre-teens starting to vomit to fulfill a dream of looking a certain way so they will continue to do so for the rest of the lives, should be ashamed of themselves. Life for teens is hard enough as it is without adding bulimia, anorexia or any other eating disorders to look a certain way – any way - to the mix. It's a lie anyway, and the people that peddle the unhealthy lifestyle never get called out (including by famous media MD's profit financially from it also) like the people peddling junk food, denying educational freedoms or telling people it's wrong to be this religion or that do. But it's just as wrong and it's just as damaging. Perhaps the men in these industries believe that at some point they were forced to conform to things they didn't want to conform to, and are now taking it out on women. Who knows? I don't see how the people behind these industries, male or female, are friends to women at all, IMO.

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