GOP Tax Plan Spells Fewer Jobs, Higher Taxes, and Less Benefits for Middle-Class Families

Community Leaders Call on Congress to Reject the GOP Tax Plan
Corning, NY — Community, faith, and union leaders rallied together to call on the Senate to reject the GOP tax proposal, which is currently being forced through Congress. If passed, the bill will result in a massive tax hike for millions of working families across New York State.

The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirms that Americans earning under $100,000 a year will be significantly worse off under the GOP tax plan. The bill extends the bulk of its tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations, with 62% of the giveaways going to the wealthiest 1% of Americans by 2027.

In addition to a higher tax burden for low- and middle-income earners, the bill eliminates deductions for medical expenses, student loan interest, and state and local taxes (SALT), while laying the groundwork for devastating cuts to education, health care, and emergency services.

“During this season of giving and generosity, the tax bill is particularly offensive and sinful. It
takes away a lot of money and benefits from poor and middle-class and gives it to the very rich while exploding the deficit and compromising our children’s futures,” said Rev. Peter Cook, Executive Director of the New York State Council of Churches.

“The Senate and the House leadership are attempting to ram through a poorly conceived and malicious tax plan.  Like the snake oil salesman of yesteryear, they are trying to tell us that this plan is good medicine for the poor and middle-class but nothing could be further from the truth.  These tax plans will raise taxes on many low- and middle-income New Yorkers and create greater income inequality in our state and country. We need a bottom up tax plan that provides tax breaks for our poorest residents rather than more trickle-down policies that only make those with the most resources even wealthier,” said Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute.

"The GOP tax plan is further evidence of the President and Congressional leadership's scorn for poor and working Americans. This is a blatant, immoral attempt to redistribute wealth from the bottom to the top. It is as shameful as its architects are shameless," said Rev. Emily McNeill, Executive Director of the NYS Labor-Religion Coalition.

“Why would our elected officials pass a tax bill that only benefits billionaires and hurts small business owners, middle-class families, and hard-working Americans? It’s not fair. It’s not right. It makes no sense. We must all come together to make sure our elected leaders understand that we cannot and will not stay quiet while a tax bill like this remains a possibility. For those politicians who vote ‘yes’ and betray American families, our message is clear: we will not forget this and we will remind you at the ballot box,” said Sarah Chmura, Board Member for the New York State Nurses Association.