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Photography Contest Winners Announced

January 3, 2014 by imc-editor

Judges Kirk and Lesli Van Zandbergen were so impressed with the entries to the Bob Johnston Photography Competition that they found it hard to choose. So they awarded a Best of Show, 4 Judge’s Choice, and 19 Honorable Mentions. The winning photo is “Long Way Down” by Bill Baburchak. The two Judge’s Choice awards in Black & White go to “Notes on Hard Times” (pictured) by Nancy Basmann and “Southern Belle” by Sandra Kirker. Judge’s Choice awards in Color Photography go to “Tree of Life” by Mike Ricciardi and “Caught It” by Barry Biddle.

The Bob Johnston Photography Competition runs from January 3th to January 18th, 2014 when the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Closing Reception. Visitors to the Show will be able to vote for their favorite photo among the 110 entries. Forty seven photographers entered this competition, “which is a sign of how many quality photographers there are in the area,” according to William Bay, of the Two Rivers Photo Club which is co-sponsoring the event with the Cooperative Gallery 213 State St in Binghamton.
The Honorable Mention Awards go to the following photos: “Awakening” by Fred Schum; “In the Eyes of Storm” by Scott Michael Anderson; “All Alone” by John Mullen; “Peaceful Bird” by Jeanne Van Buren; “Rooftops of Prague” by John Rehak; “Death of an Oak Leaf” by Dan Harendza; “Anxiety's Sunrise” by Scott M. Anderson; “Stairwell of the Press Building” by Bill Bay; “Flaming Hair” by Karissa Salton; “In the Garden” by Mary Lou Shapinas; “Clarity” by Troy Townsend; “Golden” by Sandra Kirker; “White Birch Dreams” by John Mullen; “Untitled” by John Fabiano; “Hip Hop Man” by Nancy Basmann; “Park at Your Own Risk” by Debra Rockefeller; “The Gatekeeper” by Pete Kofira; “Eye of the Beholder” by Bernice Lewis; “The Wonder of the Sea” Fr. Jim Dutko.

Computer Pioneer Honored by Tech Works

December 31, 2013 by imc-editor


Today, the Center for Technology & Innovation honors Robert B. Garner, IBM Almaden Research Center, and Donald P. Seraphim, IBM Fellow, retired, as recipients of the inaugural 2013 F. V. "Fritz" Johnson Leadership Award for their work to demonstrate a mid-20th c. IBM Endicott computer system in action to TechWorks! visitors. See the IBM 1440 team’s progress at
See attachment for more info.
With 2014 just hours away, many of us will be making resolutions to enrich our lives and legacies in the coming year. With your help, TechWorks! visitors of all ages will experience innovation in action – past, present, and future.

The Center is the only institution actively preserving upstate New York high tech advances in avionics, computing, energy, flight simulation, and vehicles – technologies that changed the way the world does business and won the race to the moon. Without your help, these advances will become at best a footnote in history. With your help, they can inspire future generations of inventors and entrepreneurs. All gifts will be recognized in the TechWorks! dynamic donor wall – a terrific way to honor your colleagues, your parents, and your own efforts to make better, safer, smarter world.

For a tax-deductible gift that leverages a 200% match from New York State and qualifies for the IBM and other corporate Matching Grant programs, you can

make a secure on-line donation at or
send a check to the Center for Technology & Innovation, 321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901.
Thank you for your consideration and very best wishes for the New Year,
Susan Sherwood, Executive Director & Roger Westgate, Board President


December 31, 2013 by pegjohnston


Credit Rating A2 & Outlook Continues To Be Stable

Moody’s: the City Has Improved and Stabilized Its Finances

Mayor Ryan Leaves Office With General Fund at Highest Level in 25 Years- A 2698% Increase Since 2006

BINGHAMTON, NY—Yesterday, Moody’s Investors Services announced that City finances continue to improve and are stable. The City’s long-term general obligation debt rating remains A2, and the City anticipates it will be possibly upgraded once the 2012 audit is completed in the coming weeks.

Moody’s explained the continued stable outlook by pointing to the consecutive surpluses projected in the City’s General Fund. While the unassigned fund balance was at $219,000 when Mayor Ryan took office in 2006, it is now over $6 million and growing. This represents a 2698% increase since 2006, and the highest fund balance total in the last 25 years.

As Moody’s noted, the City restored the General Fund through deliberate measures. These have included prudent budgeting of revenue sources, the addition of new revenue streams, and the aggressive implementation of cost-control reforms.

“Moody’s has reaffirmed what we’ve has been saying for years now: despite inheriting a nearly depleted savings account, and enduring a national economic collapse and a string of floods, we have dramatically turned around city finances,” said Mayor Ryan. “However, work still needs to be done to continue this positive work, while also addressing serious issues like unemployment, poverty, and our aging housing stock.”

Despite unprecedented levels of private investment in downtown and other positive indicators, City finances are still negatively impacted by an aging housing stock, high levels of unemployment, low homeownership rates, and a growing number of residents living in poverty or just above poverty. That's why for eight years, the administration's policies have focused not just on economic and fiscal health, but also advancing social health and community well-being.


Latino Newsletter

December 29, 2013 by pegjohnston


The latest edition of Broome County's Latino Newsletter thanks to Nilsa Mariano. Download here.

File Attachment: 

Some new local art-related videos

December 27, 2013 by markeee

Painting Large workshop by Judy Salton at Cooperative Gallery 213

Binghamton is not Boring expo 2013

"Down the Rabbit Hole" exhibit at QuarterYellow Studios

"The Poetics of Space" exhibit of photos at The Bundy Museum

"Home For the Holidays 2013" display at Roberson

New Investigative Report Exposes the Truth about the Knights of Columbus

December 22, 2013 by pegjohnston

This holiday season, as the Knights of Columbus host cookie bake sales for charity, coat drives for the needy and other charitable activities, a new report from Catholics for Choice reveals the conflict between the group’s professed benevolent mission and the reality of its ultraconservative agenda.

The largest Catholic lay organization in the world is well-funded and even better connected, but since 2004 it has funneled some $10 million dollars, in addition to donations from thousands of local fraternity councils and assemblies, to advance its conservative worldview rather than further the common good.

“Most people associate the Knights of Columbus with pancake suppers in their local parish and fundraisers for the needy,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. “This report reveals where the Knights use their money and energy—not on charitable causes, but on conservative political campaigns against same-sex marriage and access to abortion. This expenditure flies in the face of the Catholic tradition of social justice and ignores the needs of parishes and parishioners.”

“The Knights of Columbus: Crusaders for Discrimination” is the latest installment in an ongoing investigative series, “Opposition Notes,” aimed at exposing organizations that promote a narrow view of Catholicism—one that excludes support for sexual and reproductive rights and denies the primacy of conscience. Previous reports have investigated the Catholic League, Priests for Life, the American Life League and the Cardinal Newman Society, among others.

“Faithful Catholics have abortions and use birth control. There are many Catholics who may support the charitable aims of the Knights, but not their opposition to gay rights. This report sets the record straight for the many Catholics who do not agree with the extreme views held by the Knights of Columbus,” said O’Brien.

For more information and full report go to

We Have a Land Bank? (What is it?)

December 10, 2013 by imc-editor


On behalf of the City, we would like to cordially invite you to an open
meeting to learn about and discuss the newly created Broome County Land
Bank (*“Broome County Land Bank: A New Partner in Fighting City Blight”).*

The meeting will be held *Wednesday, December 18th, at 6:30pm* at Ross
Memorial Presbyterian Church, located at 6 Morris Street (corner of Morris
& Mitchell, up from UHS).

This open meeting is being graciously hosted by the Southside West
Neighborhood Assembly, which has an interest in facilitating the exchange
of ideas and success stories among those working to make Binghamton
neighborhoods safer, vibrant, and more prosperous.

This meeting is open to the public, and we encourage you to extend the
invitation to your group members, neighbors, friends, and work colleagues
who share an interest in neighborhood revitalization and blight prevention.
The city, in partnership with the SSWA, will be issuing a media release a
few days before the meeting, but we wanted to personally extend this
invitation to you well in advance.

The Broome County Land Bank was created earlier this year, and is one of
only eight authorized land banks in the state. This is a great
opportunityfor Binghamton,
because land banks are a powerful tool to combat vacancy and blight,
promote homeownership and quality rental housing, and most importantly,
advance neighborhood development consistent with community plans and
resident priorities.

At this meeting, we'll be discussing the history of land banks nationally
and in NYS, best practices, and how this new community development
organization in Broome County can contribute to the ongoing work of so many
to tackle blight and restore both safety and market value to our

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