2018 Phoenix Awards

This year’s Honorees are Amelia LoDolce, Alexis Pleus and Cecily O’Neil.

The event is next Wednesday, June 13th @ 6:00 – 8:30 pm at Endwell Greens Golf Club Event Center, Endwell.
You can purchase tickets and/or sponsorship online here:
Tickets: https://secure.everyaction.com/Qx0eVXtu1k-9Fpgu5a7T4Q2
Sponsor: https://secure.everyaction.com/ZWw5JGNBhkSpSDmItp9zwg2

ALEXIS PLEUS (Truthpharm)
The Founder of Truth Pharm, Alexis Pleus, works selflessly as an advocate for change surrounding the tragic epidemic of opiate addiction. As a mother who lost her son to addiction, Alexis knows intimately the painful turmoil of this plague. Alexis harnessed her anguish and turned it into Truth Pharm, an organization whose mission is to reduce the stigma of addiction, advocate for policy change, as well as helping individuals navigate avenues for treatment. Alexis and Truth Pharm are in the business of saving lives and she works tirelessly to lead us in a more compassionate direction to combat this rampant epidemic.

Amelia LoDolce sees a task that needs to be done and does it. Amelia grew up on her family farm, went on to work in Washington, DC on sustainable agricultural issues. She returned to Binghamton as the Sustainable Development Planner for the city. Amelia is passionate about creating access to healthy food for her community and protecting our environment. Her energy, leadership and spirit led her to establish the successful organization VINES. She continues to stay true to her principles that further ecological, social and economic values of her community and region. All this because her college friends didn’t know where their food came from.

Cecily O’Neil has devoted her life to social justice. Cecily’s passion and values are depicted by the many ways she gives of herself and time. We often see awards go to the people who are bravely out-front leading the charge. Cecily O’Neil exemplifies the quiet heroine rarely seen – in the background working tirelessly to accomplish whatever task is given her. She, and others like her, are the bedrock of all movements for justice. Cecily is a retired special education teacher and a dedicated volunteer at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Citizen Action, Peace Action, and Veterans for Peace. Wherever there is a need, she answers the call without acclaim or reward.

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