BingChex: Debbie Preston’s 5 Lies

A group named BingChex has analyzed the information about Debbie Preston's misuse of a Town of Conklin credit card and has reported that Preston's story does not add up. BingChex asserts that:

1. "The e-mails show she had already spent $23,000 on the Conklin card in July of 2011, two months BEFORE the flood. Then she continued to spend thousands of dollars in May of 2012, 8 months AFTER the flood."

2. "She actually hid the existence of the card from everyone — including the town’s bookkeeper."

3. Preston stated that she used the card for a "couple of months" and then paid it off, but in fact, she used it for a long time.

To read the full article, based on information available to the public, go here.

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