Bob Johnston Memorial Photography Show and Competition


The Bob Johnston Photography Show and Competition, January 7th to January 29th, 2011, is being sponsored by the Cooperative Gallery 213 on State St. in Binghamton as a tribute to the late Johnston who was a founding member of the gallery. “We are delighted that thirty five photographers submitted some great images,” said Bill Gorman, a gallery member. “It shows great interest in photography as an art form.”

The open themed, non-juried show was judged by Dave Williams of Beyond the Print, a photo store. Cash prizes and a supporting membership will be awarded to the Judge’s Choices. The photograph chosen as Best in Show is “Singin’ the Blues: Railroad Depot” by Mike Ricciardi. Two Judge’s Choices are “Dawn at Kastro Church” by Greg Chianis and “Gas Tank” by John Normile. Two honorable mentions were also selected: “Shadows on the Snow” by Geoffrey Gould and “Winter Sunset” by Larry Lefferts. Cash prizes and supporting memberships will be awarded to the Judge’s Choices.

There is a closing reception for photographers, members and their friends at 3 pm on Saturday January 29th, 2011. Dave Williams, of Beyond the Print, a photo store in Vestal, the judge for the Competition will be on hand to discuss photography.

The Cooperative Gallery 213 is a long standing established gallery of regional artists on Artists Row, State Street, the hub of the art renaissance in downtown Binghamton. The gallery, a popular stop on the First Friday Art Walk sponsored by Gorgeous Washington Assoc., is open Fridays from 3-6 pm and Saturdays from 12-4 pm. For more information go to or email

Johnston’s own thoughts on photography: “Another part of our reaction depends on the subject matter itself. Based on our lifetime experiences and our imagination we may feel the excitement and perceived danger of a trip through thunderous rapids, the god-like view from the top of a mountain, the quiet of a walk in the woods, the joy of spring, the stimulation of people in action, or the quiet calm of winter snow. For me, the successful photograph is one in which both the abstract elements and the subject matter of the image reinforce each other to provide an emotional experience for the viewer.” Johnston’s photos can be see in a small book, “Images in Silver: Artists’ Choice” at

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