Bridge Work Improving This Site

We are sorry if you have visited the binghamton bridge recently and been dismayed to find it crashed. We have taken a number of steps to rectify the situation. First of all we have removed the hundreds, if not thousands, of users who are spammers. And then we deleted old events dating back to 2010 as well as many articles that go way back. They were taking up space on the site without much benefit. However, we regret if something you posted a good bit ago is gone when you search for it. As you can imagine it is time consuming to delete thousands of entries so if we missed something valuable we apologize. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Joshua Ludski for his advice and help in fixing things! Nice to have smart friends!

Secondly, we increased the space on the server, at greater cost to us, but essential to keeping the site up and running. So, if your appreciation runs to sending a small donation our way, you can use our donate button, with "bridge work" in notation, and we will be most appreciative. You can also send a check to Ctr for Gender, Art, and Culture 213 State St. #1 Binghamton NY 13901 with the same notation.

Finally, we are still looking for someone who can do some updates on the site– a couple of hours initially and then some maintenance. Our site is on the Drupal platform, and we do have some funds to pay a tech person. Email us at Thanks!

The binghamton bridge also posts listed events and articles in a weekly e-newsletter that goes out Sunday evening. If you need help posting, please contact us! And join the mailing list by clicking on the link on the homepage. If you have registered and are still blocked from posting, drop us a note and we will approve you quickly!



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