Broome Dems and Citizen Action Launch Broome Blight Busters: Time to “Fight the Blight”

Democratic Legislators Jason Garnar and Colleen McCabe, in partnership with local officials and community groups, are each hosting district meetings to talk with constituents about the pressing challenge of blighted properties, and to share information about new funding and a civic reporting tool that could help local and county officials wage a more aggressive fight against blight.

Garnar’s district meeting, held yesterday (April 29), was co-hosted and sponsored by City Councilwoman Lea Webb and the resident-led North Side Neighborhood Assembly.

“I frequently hear from constituents about boarded-up properties in our neighborhoods, and Colleen and I think it’s time the County start playing a more active role in the fight against blight,” said Jason Garnar. “We had a great meeting last night talking with residents about new ways we think the county can help combat blight, and to further the good work of Councilwoman Webb and the North side residents in building a stronger, healthier community.”

The next district meeting, which is open to the public, will be hosted by County Legislator Colleen McCabe (D), District 11 (District 11 cuts across neighborhoods in Binghamton, Johnson City, and Town of Union). The meeting will be Thursday, May 8, 7:00pm, at the Family Enrichment Network, which is located at 24 Cherry Street in Johnson City .

“If we’re serious about creating safer neighborhoods, then the county needs to improve how we work with residents and local officials in eliminating these abandoned, boarded-up homes,” said Colleen McCabe. “I’m looking forward to hear from my constituents about where the problem properties are, and to share our ideas on how the county can be a better partner in fighting the blight.”

Legislator McCabe’s district meeting will feature the following: a presentation on successful blight prevention strategies by Tarik Abdelazim, former Director of Planning, Housing and Community Development for the city of Binghamton; discussion of new county resources and efforts to help eliminate vacant properties; and introduction of Broome Blight Busters, a new online resource launched by Broome Democrats and Citizen Action of NY that will empower and support citizens who are determined to fight the blight.

To learn more about the initiative, check out

For more information about the upcoming meeting, please contact County Legislator Colleen McCabe, (607) 232-6044,

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