BU art installations to raise awareness about violence against women

Binghamton University art installations to raise awareness about violence against women

BINGHAMTON, NY – In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Binghamton University will host two art installations to raise awareness of violence against women. The displays will be available for viewing throughout April at various locations on campus, and at the Bundy Museum of History & Art at 129 Main St., Binghamton.

20:1 Prevention Programs at Binghamton University focus on both interpersonal violence and bystander intervention training, as well as raising awareness about sexual violence. Students in 20:1 have installed visual displays for two projects that highlight violence against women: the Clothesline Project and the Dragon Panel Project.

“We are proud to support and promote these important projects that give survivors a platform to make their voices heard,” said Dara Raboy-Picciano, co-founder and coordinator of the 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program. “With display locations in both the community and on campus, we’re hoping to encourage students to get involved and learn more.”

The Clothesline Project originated in 1990 to raise awareness of the experiences of victims and survivors of sexual, domestic, gender and political violence. Color-coded T-shirts are decorated by survivors of abuse and hung on a clothesline, with different T-shirt colors representing different forms of abuse. Along with the clothesline of T-shirts, each display provides information on how to identify and avoid violence, as well as how to support survivors. 20:1 Prevention Programs will host the installation in the West Gym and residential communities on campus throughout April.

Binghamton University was one of the first universities in the country to host the Dragon Panel Project, an art installation that aims to bear witness to interpersonal, political and hate violence against women of color. The annual display, now in its third year, will be available for viewing in the Bartle Library on campus and the Bundy Museum of History & Art in Binghamton.

For more information, contact Raboy-Picciano at piccian@binghamton.edu.

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