City Of Binghamton Now Accepting Applications For Public Art Advisory Board


The Dept of Public Art (DPA), Citizen Action of New York, and other groups helped spread the word when the Public Art Advisory Board (then called the Public Art Commssion) was up for review at City Council Public Hearings in late December of 2013, and over 100 City residents expressed their support in under 1 week.

There were still Multiple Hearings about the board and a name change, but finally the Public Art Advisory Board / Commission was passed unanimously in Binghamton City Council on March 5th, 2014. The City of Binghamton is now officially accepting applications of people who are interested in serving on the Public Art Advisory Board! See the below press advisory for more detail. (click read more)


In order to qualify, you must:

  • Reside in the City of Binghamton
  • Submit a Resume with Cover Letter to the address mentioned in the below press advisory
  • At least three of the people on the board must be professionals in the field of design, visual arts, or architecture

If you (or someone you know) have a vision for helping the City develop their Public Art program and have the qualifications, then this is a great opportunity to contribute to our community.

The below is from the press advisory from the City of Binghamton:

Duties of the Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) include overseeing programs to enrich the visual and aesthetic environment of the City and reviewing all proposals for the exhibition of art in public spaces.

The PAAB will consist of five voting members, appointed by the Mayor, who will serve three-year terms. Board members must be City residents, and at least three voting members must be professionals in the field of design, visual arts, architecture or landscape architecture.

Those interested in applying for board membership are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to:

Office of the Mayor
Binghamton City Hall
38 Hawley Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

A permanent local law establishing a Public Art Advisory Board was filed and certified with the State Records and Law Bureau on March 27, meaning the City can officially accept applications.

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