I still want ______ in Binghamton!

Seems like everyone wants our opinion about Binghamton and Broome Co. Notably, blueprint binghamton


have been surveying residents for a new 10 year strategic plan. Broome County is also looking to revise its Comprehensive Plan, although they have not yet tried to engage citizens.

But there is a homegrown effort that has sprung up in a few places in the most blight ridden neighborhoods, targeting feedback from children. To see the first round of stickers and chalked messages go to this previous story: I want in binghamton
Later messages included: “A restaurant or art gallery,” “Help Getting Artists Noticed”, and an “excited message from a stage hand union member, ‘I have an incredibly good idea for this building.'” See attached photo with the ideas for a “2nd hand guitar school” and music school for kids.

Previously, some children debated between “an arcade” or “an ice cream store” with some voting for a “Sweet Frog” the new yogurt store on the southside.

The “I want ____in my neighborhood” is an urban planning device that was created by a young planner in New Orleans and shared by a group called Neighborland. See neighborland.com.

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