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Photo: Wonder Woman Festival, 1985

The rich and complex history of Broome County has long attracted attention from a diverse array of researchers and citizens. In recent years, the area’s local history scene has become more accessible and vibrant than ever. Adding to well-drawn biographies of notable residents and surveys of important institutions, recent work has examined local ethnic and racial history, women’s experiences, environments and ecologies, class relations, art and architecture, social movements, immigrants and immigration, and indigenous life, among many other topics. Yet, researchers and audiences interested in these various threads of local history have often remained disconnected. This one-day conference seeks to gather those threads together and start new conversations by providing an opportunity to share work on Broome County history across multiple fields, perspectives, and methods. This event will be free and open to the public.
The Bundy Museum is gathering amateur enthusiasts, family historians, K-12 teachers, preservationists, high school and college students, professional historians, storytellers, librarians, and museum employees for a day long conference. On Saturday April 21st, 4 panel discussions with 4 presentations each will offer a wide range of histories, including a History of the Women's Center, the predecessor of the Center for Gender, Art, and Culture, the sponsor of this site and Mural Fest, presented by Peg Johnston as well as a presentation about local modern dance company, the American Dance Asylum.

8am-9am—Registration, table set up for organizations, and morning snacks with coffee and tea

9am-9:15am—Introductions, conference organizers

9:15-10:15–Morning Keynote, Nancy Grey Osterud


10:30-noon—Panel Session 1: Perspectives on BC Industrial History (Annex Theatre)

Panel Session 2: Perspectives on BC Historical Resources and Family History (3rd floor gallery, Bundy House)

Noon-12:15—Lunches available for purchase in Bundy Museum Annex

12:15-1:15—Lunchtime Keynote, Devin  Lander, NYS Historian ““Elevating History: The Importance of Local History in the Modern World.”

1:15-2:30—Student poster presentations, exhibit and facility tours, and interactive presentations (various locations)

2:30-4:00— Panel Session 3: Perspectives on BC Migration and Immigration (Annex Theatre)

Panel Session 4: Perspectives on BC Cultural History (3rd floor gallery, Bundy House)


4:15-4:45—Keeping the conversation going: What’s Next for Broome County History? Andy Pragacz, Diana Gildea

4:45pm-5:45pm—Final Keynote, Gerald Zahavi

5:45pm-6:00pm—Closing Remarks

Panel Session Schedule for Perspectives on Broome County Area History April 21, 2018

Panel Session 1: Perspectives on BC Industrial and Origins (Annex Theatre)

“Sherman D Phelps, 1814-1878,” Joe Schuerch

“The Sullivan and Clinton Campaign of 1779,” George Cummings

“Inspired: Early Business and Evolving Technologies of Greater Binghamton in the 20th Century,” Waldo Tomosky

“Local History is More than Local: The Archeology of Binghamton in Historical Context,” Maria O’Donovan (Public Archeology Facility, Binghamton University)

Panel Session 2: Perspectives on BC Historical Resources and Family History (3rd floor gallery, Bundy House)

“The Binghamton University Historical Soundwalk Project: Art + Activistm + Academia,” Jennifer Stoever (Binghamton University)

“History of two families, one Black, on Jewish,” Lisa Beal

“The Importance of Historic Resource Surveys: How ‘Built’ History Informs Intangible History,” Sean McGee (City of Binghamton)

“Phelps Family Mausoleum Break-In: A Study of a Very Private Family,” Tamara Manker Gates (Yesterday’s Gentlemen)

Panel Session 3: Perspectives on BC Migration, Immigration, and Global Influences (Annex Theatre)

“Patterns of Immigration, Ethnicity, and Americanization in the Early 20th Century Triple Cities,” Rachel Blaifeder

“Cold War Technology with Southern Tier Roots,” Susan Sherwood (TechWorks!/Center for Technology and Innovation)

“Mapping Oquaga: Reconstructing the Socio-Political Landscapes of a Susquehanna River Valley Oneida and Refugee Community,” Katie Seeber (Binghamton University)

“Early Modernist Architecture in the Triple Cities,” Marcia Blackburn (SUNY Broome)

Panel Session 4: Perspectives on BC Cultural History (3rd floor gallery, Bundy House)

“The Early History of Binghamton University,” Yvonne Deligato (Binghamton University Libraries)

“History of the Women’s Center and the Center for Gender, Art, and Culture,” Peg Johnston (Center for Gender, Art, and Culture, Cooperative Gallery, Binghamton Bridge)

“Windsor World War I Veteran Wrote Plays and Movies,” David Fiske (Independent historical researcher and writer)

“The American Dance Asylum,” Gregory Bain


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