NEW DPA Installation at KNOW Theatre

Photo: DPA installs Three Panel on the fence in front of KNOW Theatre as well as on 5 boarded up windows.

Mark Bowers, DPA member and now a member of the KNOW Theatre, initiated an installation of mural panels to beautify and  draw attention to the theatre. Mural panels were painted last year by Bruce Greig and Kady Perry's BCC Mural ART Class. "This is a great melding of two art forms," said Bowers, "and a great use of these panels by many young artists."

The Dept. of Public Art (DPA) works with property owners and local artists to create “movable murals” that will transform boarded up buildings into colorful, meaningful art displays. We believe that art is one way to improve neighborhoods, make abandoned buildings more desirable, and encourage artists and residents to feel proud about their community.

            The DPA has a number of murals painted on 4 X 8’ plywood ready for installation. Murals are designed to be temporary and when a property is re-purposed or torn down, the owner has the obligation to notify us so that it can be offered to another building owner.  Aside from that there are no strings—the murals are free.

            The DPA is a volunteer group that creates and promotes public art. This project was funded previously by the Chenango Arts Council’s Decentralization Program, a re-grant program of the NYS Council on the Arts, with support from Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature. Additional support for Broome County provided by the Stewart W. & Willma C. Hoyt Foundation. To arrange for a free mural or to learn more about this project please contact us at More photos in the Image Gallery/Dept. of Public Art at .

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