Release Harm Reductionist Paul Fontana Jr. from Delaware County Jail

— contact Truth Pharm for more info

Last week our friend, fellow Harm Reductionist and Social Justice Warrior Paul Fontana Jr. was jailed for a probation violation which consisted of a “missed appointment”. We are very aware that these actions against Paul are blatant retaliation for his outspoken, local efforts of fighting for social justice and the rights and lives of people who use drugs.

A missed appointment usually means a reschedule. Not for Paul. Once again, “the system” has proven that justice doesn’t exist for those who challenge its failures.

Paul is in recovery, he is a full-time student, he is a loyal community servant who is making a difference where it’s needed most and now the taxpayers of Delaware County are footing the bill to incarcerate someone who missed an appointment. Paul has dedicated his heart and so much himself to countless efforts, people, causes and organizations both locally and nationally. He has worked to prevent overdoses throughout Delaware County through training and education, by providing safe supplies, testing supplies and support to people who use drugs or suffer from Substance Use Disorder. He also brings people together to learn of their struggles and to support them in their recovery journey to create resources and safe havens for directly impacted people. The Harm Reduction community, his community, all of us, need him home and back on the front lines doing the work that has become so much a part of who he is. Both his local community and the Harm Reduction community are better for having Paul with us.

Now we are asking all who are able, friends, allies, fellow activist and supporters to show up for him as he has shown up and supported so many of us! Join us to rally outside of the courthouse to show support, solidarity and to demand Paul’s release from the jail.

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