River Sculptures Appear

Stone Sculpture by Don Sharpe on Susquehanna River

Don Sharpe has created some stone sculptures (stacking stones, no glue or cement) on the Susquehanna River by the dam and across from the Park Diner.  They are temporal pieces—weather or people can topple them, and in fact the sudden storm did knock down one of the top stones that was carefully balanced. Don Sharpe is a very creative artist and member of the Cooperative Gallery 213. He specializes in found art, especially with stone, bones, and objects found along the rivers. In the past year he has been drawn to creating spontaneous art along the river banks in the site specific tradition of Andy Goldsworthy. He expects that they will fall down, but is satisfied with creating pieces without a guarantee of survival or an audience.

More photos on the Cooperative Gallery 213 facebook page and on Don't 7 Crow Studio.


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