Sierra Club Awards Adam Flint

Join us Tuesday September 19 at 7:30 PM for a Zoom meeting where we will present the Lynda Spickard Environmental Award to Adam Flint, Clean Energy Programs Director of Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow.
Adam’s bio can be seen here –
The award is a recognition of people in our area who have contributed to our  environmental well being over an extended period.
Adam will also present
Taking Sustainable Communities to the Next Level: a Look Back and To Possible Futures. 
Since our regional economy bottomed out in the ’90’s,  there has been modest progress in increasing sustainability and resilience. The pandemic and its economic and political consequences have starkly revealed just how tenuous that progress has been and how little it changed the behavior and thinking of the mainstream.  The triple crisis continues to be deadly and destructive, but it also offers an opportunity to leapfrog to deeper community. How can we build the deeper and broader ties of trust and communication upon which all else rests? Drawing from an initial review of the public health field of Risk Communication and successful experiences in other communities, preliminary lessons for our community will be distilled and action steps recommended, including a virtual regional forum with this focus. Its success or failure will rest, to begin with, with the actions of leaders of all stripes, and our willingness to do what is necessary.
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