Single Payer Health Care in America NOW


                                         An unpublished op/ed submitted to Binghamton Press 

                                                                By Richard Masters

Sick people are still dying in the U.S. for lack of medical care or going bankrupt from medical bills. Thirty Million have no insurance at all. Only in America! Every other industrialized country in the world – EXCEPT the U.S. – provides its citizens with health care as a right. Even some Central American countries and Mexico provide government funded Health care. Polls show that a majority of our people would prefer a single payer system, but both major parties say it can't be done. We can't afford it. At the same time, both parties voted to increase the pentagon budget by $160 billion over the next two years. It seems that there's always money for war, while programs like food stamps are being cut, and single payer is, of course, out of the question. Right now, there is only one major party in the U.S. – the MONEY party. One wing is the Democrats; the other is the Republicans. Both are responsive only to their big donors: corporations and the 1%. Don't expect the Money party to embrace Single payer. It doesn't benefit the donors. The Green Party endorses Single payer. Don't waste your vote on the Money party. Vote GREEN!

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