Slow Art Day at Two Local Galleries

The Tate in London is in.

So are the Harvard Art Museums.

Ditto, the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  

And the Cooperative Gallery and Orazio Salati Gallery in Binghamton NY.  

These and 173 galleries around the world are celebrating Slow Art Day on April 11, 2015. “Slow Art Day is the global all-volunteer event with a simple mission: help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art,” according to the website “Slow Art Day was created as a grassroots movement to empower museum visitors to change their museum experience. Unlike the standard 8-second view, Slow Art Day participants are asked to spend 10-15 minutes looking at several specific pieces of art.”         

The event is at Cooperative Gallery 213 on State Street and Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery at 204 State Street located across from each other in Binghamton’s Downtown Arts District. The program will begin in each gallery at 1pm on Saturday April 11th and will feature the work of Exhibiting Artist Members at Cooperative Gallery and the work of Orazio Salati and Provincetown MA artist Jerome Greene at Salati’s gallery. Participants will enjoy a brief introduction to the program by Judy Salton (Cooperative Gallery) and Orazio Salati. They will switch galleries midway through the event and follow-up with an open discussion over refreshments at the Cooperative Gallery.

 “Our Slow Art event will allow the participants to view the pieces with very little input from us but we hope to have a lively discussion afterward,” comments Judy Salton, organizer of the event. The event starts at 1 pm and the discussion, with refreshments, will follow at 3 pm. It is free and open to the public.

Contact Information: to RSVP:



Twitter: @SlowArtDay


Contact: Judy Salton or Orazio Salati

Phone: 607 584-4715 (Salton) or 772-6725 (Salati)


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