Amazon: Resisting the Monopoly

It is becoming harder and harder to have a locally owned business and as a consumer, to buy local. Amazon is now the default for many shoppers and is rubbing out any competition be it local or national. An article in The Nation details the many ways the Amazon stacks the deck against entrepreneurs. And, as progressively minded citizens know, local dollars tend to stay local and help the local economy much more than money spent in big box stores, and certainly in online stores. Amazon affiliates with smaller entrepreneurs but, as this article details, at increasingly unfavorable terms. Now we need to support alternatives even if they are a bit more inconvenient or expensive. For instance, is an online bookseller affiliated with small businesses all over and they have great service, support the little guy.  Is it possible to get along without Amazon?  Let's find out!

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Amazon vs Local Business

reprinted from Institute for Local Self Reliance

Amazon is on a building spree, and many local officials are eager to bring one of its giant fulfillment centers to their own backyard. They are so eager, in fact, that some have resorted to offering the company lavish tax breaks and other public assistance. Between 2012 and 2014, Amazon picked up $431 million in local tax incentives to finance its warehouse expansion.

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