Are you an Ally for Women Sexually Harassed?

This article from THE DAILY GOOD reports on several celebrities, including Anthony Bourdain and Jim Jeffries who are examining their role in propping up a culture where it is ok to allow women to be harassed. In the wake of the many accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Harvey Weinstein, a number of public personalities are shocked and looking at their own roles.

"Anthony Bourdain is the latest male celebrity examining his role in enabling the “Harvey Weinsteins” in his industry. In an interview with Slate's Isaac Chotiner, the renowned chef, author, and “Parts Unknown” host confessed to valorizing and enabling a “meathead culture” in the food world, citing the “sexualization of food” and the prurient portrayal of a (consensual) sexual relationship between a chef and a customer in his book “Kitchen Confidential.”


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