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Ten Reasons Why Frederick Akshar Should Not Be a County Sheriff

by Judy Arnold, Ruth Blizard, Rozann Greco, William Martin Akshar is a committed, pro-life, anti-abortion politician. As Sheriff will he take responsibility for enforcing NY state laws affirming reproductive rights? Akshar has a long record of unethical behavior and poor judgement at the workplace. 1) As a Captain in the department, he had sexual relations […]

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Facetime with Fred:

If you go to meetings with NY State Senator Fred Akshar you will be able to answer a short questionnaire. If you don't go to those meetings, you won't. But now you can answer the same questions and affect this sampling bias.

Here are the questions: 1. Do you support a NYS constitutional amendment to codify abortion rights?

2.Should health insurance companies be required by law to cover birth control and morning after pills?

3. Do you support continuing the Regional Economic Development Council Competition and Awards Process?

4.What's the one issue you'd like me to work on in Albany?

You can answer by emailing Fred or via his website:

And by the way, Fred, the morning after pill (now more appropriately known as emergency contraception) IS BIRTH CONTROL. If you need a tutorial here is a fun tutorial from the Lady Parts Justice League:

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