“Thank you , it is SO good to have books”


It’s amazing what a simple used $5 novel can do. It is, afterall, desperate times in our COVID hotspot jail. Most sections are locked down, meaning women and men often spend 20 hours or more locked in their cages. The jail’s mass solitary confinement endangers everyone’s health and sanity. Seeking freedom now, persons inside most often ask for books. Science fiction, novels of every description, history books, dictionaries, large print bibles and Korans.  The joy they bring is incalculable:

“Having crossword books is wonderful… I get to actually engage my brain and think! It is a mindless sad existence here… thank you again”

The Book a Month Club, through Justice and Unity in the Southern Tier (justicest.com), provides one book at $15.00 or under by request for those incarcerated in the BC jail. The program takes requests from the JUST visiting/calling crew, letter, or the GettingOut website, and has the books sent, according to jail mandates, directly to the individual at no expense to them. The program has been supported solely by donations.

You can donate by using our Gofundme for Books, or by check paid to “Justice and Unity for the Southern Tier”, JUST, POB 93, Bible School Park, NY 13737. Please specify you want your donation to go to books. If you want to request a book for someone inside BC jail please write to Victoria Delaney c/o JUST, PO Box 93, Bible School Park, NY 13737. 

All donations to the book drive in 2022 are tax-deductible.


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