Town and Country Residents Demand Better Living Conditions

Binghamton, NY–Tenants and housing justice advocates with Citizen Action of New York will host a press conference on Friday, April 30, at 11 a.m. at the Town and Country housing complex to demand better living conditions.

Tenants will be presenting a list of demands to hold the property management company accountable for failure to address code violations and for not responding to tenants’ needs. In addition, the residents are calling on city officials to take action on the owners of the property if they fail to respond.

“It is inhumane how we are forced to live. My neighbors and I have sewage backing up in our apartments, people have not had hot water since Easter, April 4, 2021. Heating failures are not addressed for days, overflowing trash, and bug infestation are constant issues. Calls to the landlord are often ignored for days and weeks. We are here to demand that the landlord address our requests immediately or that the city take action against the landlord if they fail to comply,” said Samantha Holman, a resident of Town and Country.

The group is also calling for passage of New York’s Good Cause eviction legislation, which would end unjust evictions in statewide.

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