Vote Smart New Tool for Democracy

We have all had the thought that if people voted on the issues that are important to them, instead of gotcha games and bought elections, our democracy would be a lot stronger. Well, that reality is a little closer with Vote Smart a non partisan resources listing all federal and state candidates with their complete records in an easy to access database. It was completed by thousands of volunteers who combed records for every vote, position, speech, article, etc of every candidate. Amazing! Check it out:

Ignore the self-serving nonsense of this year's Presidential candidates with our awesome new interactive tool allowing citizens to find their perfect presidential match.
Simply state your position on an issue and watch to see which candidates agree with you. If you question the accuracy of their positions, just click on the candidates' yard signs and get into their factual record.
VoteEasy enables voters to do side-by-side comparisons of current presidential candidates on 13 national issues — and then compare the politicians' stances with their own.
"Hundreds of students from across the nation have created this exciting tool that cuts to the facts, the truth, the reality of what these people are likely to do for you or to you if elected president" said Jamieson Bates, Vote Smart's National Director.
Vote Smart (formerly known as Project Vote Smart), founded by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, is powered by more than 8,000 students and volunteers of both major parties, third parties and independents. It is the nation's premier non-partisan, citizen-driven organization devoted to voter education.


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