Bridge Company seit 1886

The south Washington street bridge is a rare lenticular truss bridge of three spans. built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company in 1886 It is on the national register of historic places It has been restored and in now used only as a bicycle and foot bridge.Start the ride at the South Washington Street Bridge and pedal alongside the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, across landmark bridges, and see historic sites. There will be several printcam at local parks, a museum, and urban farms along the way. Riders will be in one group, staying together throughout the event. The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study Planning Committee provides technical oversight of and input to the transportation planning process. Members include professional staff of member municipalities: engineers, planners, and public works officials. Also included in the Planning Committee membership are representatives of urban fringe Towns, to ensure that they are afforded the opportunity to participate and share their views. The Planning Committee reviews all transportation live plans and programs before they are sent to the Policy Committee for consideration.

Phil Krey, City Engineer, City of Binghamton, Chair
Gary Campo, Town Engineer, Town of Vestal, Vice-Chair
Luke Day, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Binghamton
Robert Bennett, Director of Public Works, Johnson City
Louis Caforio, Commissioner of Public Works, Town of Union
Pamela Eshbaugh, Planning & Program Manager, NYSDOT Region 9
Frank Evangelisti, Interim Commissioner of Planning & Economic Development, Broome County
Pat Brennan, Commissioner of Public Works, Broome County
Edwin Gent, Town Engineer, Town of Chenango
Kent Rapp, Village of Endicott
George Bagnetto, Commissioner of Public Transportation, Broome County
Brian Baker, Regional Planning Manager, N. Tier Regional Planning & Dev. Commission
Ron Lake, Town Engineer, Town of Dickinson
Elaine Jardine, Director of Planning, Tioga County
Debra Standinger, Planning & Zoning Administrator, Town of Owego
Debra Preston, Supervisor, Town of Conklin
David Hamlin, Supervisor, Town of Fenton
Gordon Kniffen, Supervisor, Town of Kirkwood
Ken DelBianco, Commissioner of Public Works, Tioga County


Lou Santoni, President, Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
Richard McCormick, Southern Tier East Reg. Planning Development Board
Carl Beardsley, Commissioner of Aviation, Broome County
Matthew Pasquale, Chair, Broome County Legislature Transportation Committee
Cathy Kuzman, MPO Liaison, NYSDOT Main Office
Kevin McLoughlin, Regional Director, Empire State Development
Richard Beers, Planning Highway Engineer, FHWA Division Office
Nina Chung, Federal Transit Administration
James Ritzman, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

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Art, Money, Love: Jane Freeman 1871-1963

[img_assist|nid=2038|title=Art, Money, Love: Jane Freeman 1871-1963|desc=Art, Money, Love: Jane Freeman 1871-1963 Paintings and Ephemera from a Working Artist will be at the Cooperative Gallery 213 on State St. Binghamton May 6-28th, 2011.|link=none|align=center|width=200|height=142]

Art, Money, Love: Jane Freeman 1871-1963
Paintings and Ephemera of a Working Artist

May 6-28, 2011
Cooperative Gallery 213

Jane Freeman supported herself as an artist at a time when it was exceptional for women to work, much less as a painter. “Art, Money, Love: Jane Freenan 1871-1963” exhibits several of her paintings and will display photos, letters, and other ephemera to illustrate her life as a working artist. Peg Johnston is curating the show which runs from First Friday May 6th through Saturday, May 28th. A reception on May 7th from 3-5 pm is open to the public and fellow gallery members and friends.

Two paintings will be on loan from the Springville (Utah) Museum of Art: “Eyes for Two” won several prizes and depicts a blind former matador in Spain with his wife. “French Peasant” is also a noted painting. Vern Swanson, PhD director of the Museum comments, “These are really fine paintings and we are happy to contribute to this revival of Jane Freeman’s art.” Other paintings include a portrait of Albert Schweitzer, two still lifes, and several portraits in oil and chalk. See the Springville Museum of Art paintings at

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Peg Johnston Honored for Abortion Work

At its annual conference February 5th, 2011, the Abortion Care Network gave three awards to those who have shown exemplary and outstanding service to the abortion care community and to the women it serves. The David Gunn Lifetime Achievement honoree this year is Peg Johnston, a clinic director, long-time leader in the abortion care community, and author of many patient self help materials. The Vision Award, given to “person or persons who challenge the stigma of abortion in every day practice,” was awarded to Advancing New Standards In Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), with Director Tracy Weitz accepting the award. Shelley Oram was honored as “ACN Person of the Year” for her “above and beyond” service to the members of the Abortion Care Network, especially in her work as meeting planner.

Peg Johnston has been director of an abortion facility in Binghamton, NY since 1981 and has been active on the national stage in her efforts to provide compassionate abortion care for women. She is a past president of the Abortion Care Network, the Abortion Conversation Project, and the National Coalition of Abortion Providers and the primary author of several patient aides, notably the Pregnancy Options Workbooks, Healthy Coping, Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant, and Especially for Men.” She has also written several influential essays, including, “Opting Out of the Abortion Wars,” “We Have Met the Enemy and S/he is Us,” and “Lose the Adjective.”

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Building bridges for peace, for hope and for justice


A locally developed website,, has for over three years offered educators, parents and students resources for them to create peace at school and in the community. The site provides lesson plans, activities, discussion forums and editorial pieces that encourage hope and social justice. Veteran educators Dr. Joan Koster and Tim Wolcott currently support social action projects in five educational districts. The mission of the website includes the distribution of anti-bias, anti-bullying and muti-cultural messages through the use of childrens’ literature and action projects. The following revised video introduces the site. They welcome your comments and questions.

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White Guy Shooting = Crazy; Brown Guy Shooting = Terrorist

Why are they not using the term terrorist in the Tucson assassinations?

Jared Lee Loughner allegedly tried to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a meeting with constituents in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday. In the wake of the attack, the 22-year-old Loughner has been called everything from “crazed” to “unhinged.” What he’s not been called, however, at least by the media, is a terrorist. Continue reading this story at this link:

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Bob Johnston Memorial Photography Show and Competition


The Bob Johnston Photography Show and Competition, January 7th to January 29th, 2011, is being sponsored by the Cooperative Gallery 213 on State St. in Binghamton as a tribute to the late Johnston who was a founding member of the gallery. “We are delighted that thirty five photographers submitted some great images,” said Bill Gorman, a gallery member. “It shows great interest in photography as an art form.”

The open themed, non-juried show was judged by Dave Williams of Beyond the Print, a photo store. Cash prizes and a supporting membership will be awarded to the Judge’s Choices. The photograph chosen as Best in Show is “Singin’ the Blues: Railroad Depot” by Mike Ricciardi. Two Judge’s Choices are “Dawn at Kastro Church” by Greg Chianis and “Gas Tank” by John Normile. Two honorable mentions were also selected: “Shadows on the Snow” by Geoffrey Gould and “Winter Sunset” by Larry Lefferts. Cash prizes and supporting memberships will be awarded to the Judge’s Choices.

There is a closing reception for photographers, members and their friends at 3 pm on Saturday January 29th, 2011. Dave Williams, of Beyond the Print, a photo store in Vestal, the judge for the Competition will be on hand to discuss photography.

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