Parole Injustice (article)

Article submitted by Judy Arnold.

The tide is turning on parole injustice in New York, and the police unions do not like it one bit.

In early March, a newspaper article revealed that the New York City Police Benevolent Association was outraged to learn that a secret direct link from their website to the website of the New York State Parole Board had been discontinued. The PBA had used the link to allow any one person, with one click, to generate hundreds (perhaps thousands) of messages of opposition to parole for anyone whose release the PBA opposed.

Then the PBA claimed that thousands of people had written letters against that person’s release, and the Parole Board, in its rejections, often cited “community opposition” as a factor. Although the link was discontinued, the cozy relationship between the PBA and the Parole Board, and the politics of endless revenge that drove so many parole rejections, continued.

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Parole justice moves forward in New York State despite police union publicity stunt

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