Really Not April Fools

Joshua Bernard, I really salute all you have contributed to Binghamton and that you love Broome County because I do too.   Yes, there is lots to do here.

How long does it take to find a parking space in Binghamton – four and a half years; since they demolished the 500 spot Collier St parking ramp.  People needing to go to the Court and Government Complex after a death or for a family matter at 9 am are out of luck.  Bring your hiking shoes and judges please be understanding if someone is late.  The current Collier flat lot is full and you are directed to the State St ramp.

Well, that takes you up seven flights to find a spot.  My guess it is full of students just like Boscov’s.  And is there a row on the lower level for handicapped parking?  The clincher for those of us over 60 is there are no operating elevators in any ramp.  So that means walking up those seven flights in 15 degree weather.

Ironically, I came upon a Press article from February 2018 when Marc Newman was the developer of the proposed Hawley/Washington St parking ramp stating it would open with 300 spots in January 2019.  In May 2018 archaeological digs were completed.  Since then a Rochester firm is the developer.  Since it is a mixed use project you can bet there won’t be much for public parking just like the Metro lot is restricted to the businesses within the building.

A real college town we have now with a Binghamton University College of Community and Public Affairs study emphasis that again has restricted parking that limits participation by the community in collaborative activities.  Oh, our state tax investment.  The City Plan discourages parking anyway.  Apparently, no one has heard of jitney buses that run at 10 minute intervals to shuttle elderly and others from parking.  They would be less expensive for students also who need to get to an internship location.

Do common sense and creativity go together?

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