Save the Davidge Mansion!

It has come to our attention that there is a plan before the Planning Commission that the Davidge Mansion be sold to a developer who plans to turn it into student housing!! It is not enough to preserve the historical outside of the mansion; we need to preserve the inside from the kind of destruction that housing students entails. Omg need only go into fraternity houses which were mansions beforehand to see and smell the destruction that can result. At both Syracuse University, my alma mater, and University of Pennsylvania, my son’s alma mater, besides seeing the wear and tear on walls and floors, I could smell a very strong stench of both cigarettes, and most especially stale beer, that was unable to be removed even with cleaning for parents’ weekend! Please voice your opinion to the Planning Commission at the City of Binghamton. Every email counts!

Follow this link to reach the planning dept before  the Oct. 16th meeting:

–Joanne Baker

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