Press and Sun Bulletin Ignores Recent Medical Neglect

Again, the Press & Sun Bulletin ignored the recent medical neglect at the Broome County Jail. But the Broome County Jail is banking that the crime page is not of interest to you. The average person does not pay attention unless they are personally affected.

When you go to your doctor what is one of the first items the nurse asks you, do you have any allergies; the second, what medications are you taking. So what does Correctional Medical Care (CMC) who the Broome County Legislature contracted with doing with that information? Apparently the nurses are throwing it in the circular file. The doctor is there only one day a week.

• According to, even the most chronic or hardened inmates have basic rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution. One of those is The right to medical care and attention as needed.

Broome County inmates have repeatedly reported being refused or given the wrong medication. Recently you heard someone’s life was in danger from an allergic reaction the inmate informed the staff of.

Because there is no jail oversight this person ended up In the ICU only when a community person raised the issue with the Sheriff. How many lawsuits will be necessary to get your attention. We are better than this.

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