Voter Education: 19th Congressional Race

To the Editor: 10/28/2022

19th District Congressman a comparison of positions


Riley will support a woman’s right to control her own body; he will sponsor the Women’s Health Protection Act. which would codify Roe’s protections in federal statute. This bill states that a health care provider is allowed to provide abortions and patients may receive them. Riley also urged the Justice Department to file lawsuits against states that try to ban FDA-approved abortion medications.  These medications are safely used for about 50% of abortions.

Molinaro stated he wouldn’t infringe on Abortion Laws if Roe V. Wade was overturned, but he opposed The Reproductive Health Act, which established Roe v. Wade into NY law.


Molinaro refused to Sign a letter acknowledging that Joe Biden won The 2020 Presidential Election, including on the night of January 6th .

Riley says we must make it crystal clear that voters decide elections, not politicians. He supports declaring election day a federal holiday, so workers don’t have to choose between their paychecks and voting. 

Global Warming and the Environment

Riley realizes we must control global warming. We must get to zero net greenhouse emissions quickly for our planet to survive. 

Molinaro campaigned for county executive on keeping the Duchess County Incinerator open, though it was ranked as one of the worst polluting trash incinerators in the United States.

Barbara Thomas

Town of Conklin, Binghamton ,NY



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