What Contaminated Products DPW is Finding in Recycle Bins

Recycle Help: Here is a list of JUNK that our guys and gals in DPW are finding in Recycle Bins.

The following makes a Recycle Bin contaminated: Diapers; Any and all milk cartons, unless plastic; Any and all ice creme containers, unless plastic; Venetian blinds! Recycles ‘not’ washed is junk; No watering hoses, Plastic nor flexible; No plastic clocks, LCD or otherwise….junk;

NOTE: * NO Styrofoam of any kind!! cups, paper plates, straws, nor plastic forks & spoons! ****** *(Yes, at one time Styrofoam was collected for a vendor, not any more).

At one time, recycling did take those (glossy) paper milk containers and ice creme (glossy) containers, and containers you see Wendy’s chili is in..’Not any more’.

Remember to remove completely the foil from all “yogurt cups”. There should be no foil left around those cup edges either. When it doubt, throw out to garbage items not sure of.

Broome County Landfill and Broome County Recyclables make all the rules with regard to movement of all County items. I found out when the City started recycling, milk, ice creme cartons and Styrofoam cartons, these items were All removed at County level. The City collected these, but these items were never needed & removed up the line. It was corrected with the City thru County Recycle Communications with the City and on line for the public to see. NOTE: Bert Adams takes Binghamton Recycles! ONLY -~Plastic~ milk/juice/ice creme cartons.

Also note that all aluminum foil must be removed from yogurt cups for instance or the recyclables will be put in trash.

From Sharon Nieminski on Next Door, a neighborhood online group

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