Women’s Repro Rights Package Passes NYS Legislature

from Medical Society of the State of NY

The New York State Legislature passed a series of bills aimed at protecting women’s reproductive freedom, as well as protecting physicians from some of the legal consequences of providing health care services that are legal in New York State but could become illegal in other states (based upon potential future Supreme Court decisions).   The following measures were passed:

  • Freedom from Interference with Reproductive Health Advocacy and Travel Exercise: S9039A/A10094-A, sponsored by Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Assemblymember Chris Burdick. Would protect the rights of individuals seeking abortion care or gender-affirming care in New York State.
  • Extradition and Discovery Non-Cooperation: S9077/A10372, sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblymember Charles Lavine. Forbids New York State from cooperating with out-of-state legal cases involving abortion except in limited circumstances.
  • Prohibiting Medical Misconduct Charges for Performing Reproductive Health Care: S9079A/A.9687, sponsored by Senator Anna Kaplan and Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal. Prohibits professional misconduct charges against licensed medical professionals for providing legal abortion and reproductive health services to patients who reside in states where such services are illegal. MSSNY is supportive of this measure.
  • Protection of Malpractice Coverage: S9080B/A.9718 B, sponsored by Senator Michelle Hinchey and Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal. Prohibits medical malpractice insurers from taking adverse action against a healthcare provider in New York State for performing legal healthcare reproductive services, protecting providers, and ensuring that people can safely access abortion and other related services in New York State. MSSNY is supportive of this concept.
  • Address Confidentiality Program: S9384A/A9818A, sponsored by Senator Cordell Cleare and Assemblymember Amy Paulin. Would expand the eligibility of the Address Confidentiality Program to include reproductive health care services providers, employees, volunteers, patients, or their immediate family members.
  • Study of the Impact of Limited-Service Pregnancy Centers: S470/A5499, sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Deborah Glick. Directs the Commissioner of Health to assemble a temporary task force to study and issue a report examining the unmet health and resource needs facing pregnant people in New York State, as well as the impact of limited-service pregnancy centers on the access and quality of care pregnant people receive.

These measures now go to Governor Kathy Hochul for her signature.

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