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City council votes ‘Aye’ for Public Art Advisory Board, Mayor David approves

After multiple public hearings and vocal support from the Binghamton community, City Council has voted in favor of the Public Art Advisory Board.

On Wednesday, March 5th, during City Council’s Business Meeting, Proposed Local Law 14-1 was unanimously co-sponsored and passed, establishing a Public Art Advisory Board. Councilman Motsavage introduced it to the council, stating that although they would like to clarify parts of the legislation later through amendments, such as the residency requirement for appointed members, this was something that should be passed now to get efforts started.

In the next coming months we should see the Mayor begin requesting letters of interest from the public. Mayor David will be responsible for five appointments onto the board, three of which must be professionals in the field of visual arts, graphic design, or architecture. Anyone may submit a letter of interest for a position in the board. More details to come.

Update: The Department of Public Art (DPA) is planning on hosting an event around the efforts and visions of local groups to promote public art in the City on Wednesday, March 26th at 7pm at the Cooperative Gallery 213 on State Street, Binghamton. This is a great opportunity to stay involved in the local arts and share your vision with other interested members of the community! Contact binghamtonbridgeATgmailDOTcom for more details.

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Some new local art-related videos

Painting Large workshop by Judy Salton at Cooperative Gallery 213

Binghamton is not Boring expo 2013

“Down the Rabbit Hole” exhibit at QuarterYellow Studios

“The Poetics of Space” exhibit of photos at The Bundy Museum

“Home For the Holidays 2013” display at Roberson

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Sierra Club to Honor Augie Mueller — Lifetime Bicyclist

The Susquehanna Group of the Sierra Club Honors Augie Mueller with the Lynda Spickard Environmental Award. January 21, 2014, at Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave , Endicott. A potluck dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m., followed by the award program at 7:30 p.m.
Augie Mueller, Professor Emeritus of Biology at Binghamton University, has been a strong advocate for bicycling in the area for more than 40 years. We will hear some of his personal stories about bicycling and what it has meant to him. He has led the bicycling community in numerous capacities: promoting more bicycling lanes and bicycle safety and providing reconditioned bicycles to youth.
A presentation follows on bicycling opportunities and what improvements have occurred during the last 40 years. The public is invited to join Augie in an evening to celebrate bicycling as a way of life.
For more information, e-mail lauffer.scott@email.comp;

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Get the Scoop on Yogurt Businesses and Water Safety Regulations


The Susquehanna Chapter of the Sierra Club meets at 7:30 p.m. on Tues., December 17 at
Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave., Endicott
The topic is: “Relaxing of NYS Regulations on Dairy Farms – Threats to Our Water So We Can Have More Greek Yogurt,” with speaker Erin Riddle.

Recent media attention highlighted Gov. Cuomo’s attempt to change the regulations for CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), raising the threshold requirement for a permit from 199 animal units to 299. As a result, the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter filed a lawsuit challenging NYS’s decision as a violation of the Clean Water Act.

But what are CAFOs, how adequately are they regulated, and what impact do they have on public health, local democracy, local food systems, rural economies, and animals? Riddle will offer some observations in response to these questions and some potential solutions.

Riddle was born on a small dairy farm in Salamanca, Cattaraugus County, NY, and has since lived in several cities across the state. She chairs the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter (SCAC) Farm & Food Committee, serves on the SCAC Executive Committee and the Susquehanna Group Executive Committee. In addition, she is coordinator of the SCAC campaign to pass a mandatory GMO labeling law in NYS. Currently she is finishing up a Ph.D. program at Binghamton University and teaches at Elmira College.

The public is welcome to attend. For more information, contact Scott Lauffer at:

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Blood on the Tracks

For any male coming out of high school in the 1960’s, the Vietnam War became a dominating imperative that could not be side-stepped. The rudimentary process of registering for the draft became an increasingly nerve-wracking rite of passage as the war began to escalate, first with troop deployments followed in short order by body bags. Patriotic fervor and duty often became resignation and despair as the war seemed to have no end; the psychological state of the country worsened as criticism went from academic teach-ins and mass demonstrations to civil disobedience and sporadic violence.

One person who “covered the water front” in this regard was S. Brian Willson, who spoke at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca on Thursday, November 10th. Seeing him step onto the stage gave me chills. Although six years older (age 70), I looked at him as I examine myself and my actions from that time period. We both have graying hair, but his body is much less complete than mine having a pair of prosthetic limbs, limbs that were not lost during the war but as a consequence of it. Willson had come to relate his journey of life as exemplified in his recently published book “Blood on the Tracks”.

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Occupy Binghamton – October 15, 2011

Originally posted on my tumblr, on which I’m following the Occupy movements in upstate New York as closely as I can –

On Saturday, October 15, the Global Day of action, about 300 people showed up to “Occupy Binghamton,” a protest that is part of a grassroots movement organized by a large group of people, including Binghamton University, Broome Community College, and the union AFO-CIO. The event began at the park located at the corner of Court St. and State St. in Binghamton, where participants gathered to hold signs for an hour before having a general assembly and citizen speak out.

Cars passing by honked their approval. Some participants could be overheard remarking to each other, “Don’t honk, join us.”

Click to read more and see photos.

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Local Southern Tier Clergy Issue Letters of Support for Marriage Equality

As the marriage equality debate approaches the final days in the New York State Senate, the bill is now only one vote short of passage. Religion has played a significant role on both sides of the debate. Today a number of clergy from different Southern Tier communities of faith voiced their support for marriage equality. They point out that access to marriage is a fundamental human right and one that is consistent with their faith traditions. These are the clergy who have issued statements of support (complete letters/statements follow):

Rev. Steve Heiss
Tabernacle United Methodist Church

Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell
Temple Concord
Binghamton, New York

Rev. Patricia J. Raube
Pastor, Union Presbyterian Church
Endicott, NY

Deacon Barbara Hayden
Pastoral Leader
Redeemer Lutheran Church

Rev. Dr. Arthur Suggs
First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

Rev. Mark Giroux
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Chenango Bridge, NY

Rev. Douglas Taylor
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton

Annette Snedaker. Pastor
Grace Adventure United Methodist Church

Rabbi Rachel Esserman
Executive Editor
The Reporter Group

Alex Compton
Lay Minister
The Binghamton Congregation of MCCNY

Rev. Susan E Davis
First United Methodist Church of Endicott

Fred R. Brooks, Jr.
Vestal, NY
Ordained Minister (Retired)
The United Methodist Church

Rev. Monica Styron, Designated Pastor
First Presbyterian Church
42 Chenango Street


Statement in Support of Marriage Equality

June 14, 2011

I stand in support of full civil marriage rights for same-sex couples. The Union of Reform Judaism has a long-standing commitment to welcoming gay and lesbian couples into our communities and congregations. Loving couples, regardless of gender or sexuality, sit in our pews and strengthen our communities. Our religious values and principles affirm that we are all created b’tselem Elohim, in the image of God, and charge us “to love our neighbor as ourselves.” As a Reform Rabbi, I am proud of this welcoming tradition and remain committed to the fight for equality in our state. I am committed to working to enable same sex couples and their families to share equally in the responsibilities, protections, and commitment of marriage.

Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell
Binghamton, New York

In his inaugural teaching moment, Jesus stands before the congregation and reads aloud from Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18-19). As a person of faith I believe it is my responsibility to participate fully in Jesus’ ministry of healing and seeking to bring about freedom for those who are oppressed.

The current laws prohibiting marriage between two persons of the same sex constitute an ongoing situation of oppression and captivity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals. This community asks no special privileges, only equal rights and protections under the law and the opportunity to live in peace and freedom with those whom they love.

Rev. Patricia J. Raube
Pastor, Union Presbyterian Church
Endicott, NY

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Bridge Company seit 1886

The south Washington street bridge is a rare lenticular truss bridge of three spans. built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company in 1886 It is on the national register of historic places It has been restored and in now used only as a bicycle and foot bridge.Start the ride at the South Washington Street Bridge and pedal alongside the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, across landmark bridges, and see historic sites. There will be several printcam at local parks, a museum, and urban farms along the way. Riders will be in one group, staying together throughout the event. The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study Planning Committee provides technical oversight of and input to the transportation planning process. Members include professional staff of member municipalities: engineers, planners, and public works officials. Also included in the Planning Committee membership are representatives of urban fringe Towns, to ensure that they are afforded the opportunity to participate and share their views. The Planning Committee reviews all transportation live plans and programs before they are sent to the Policy Committee for consideration.

Phil Krey, City Engineer, City of Binghamton, Chair
Gary Campo, Town Engineer, Town of Vestal, Vice-Chair
Luke Day, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Binghamton
Robert Bennett, Director of Public Works, Johnson City
Louis Caforio, Commissioner of Public Works, Town of Union
Pamela Eshbaugh, Planning & Program Manager, NYSDOT Region 9
Frank Evangelisti, Interim Commissioner of Planning & Economic Development, Broome County
Pat Brennan, Commissioner of Public Works, Broome County
Edwin Gent, Town Engineer, Town of Chenango
Kent Rapp, Village of Endicott
George Bagnetto, Commissioner of Public Transportation, Broome County
Brian Baker, Regional Planning Manager, N. Tier Regional Planning & Dev. Commission
Ron Lake, Town Engineer, Town of Dickinson
Elaine Jardine, Director of Planning, Tioga County
Debra Standinger, Planning & Zoning Administrator, Town of Owego
Debra Preston, Supervisor, Town of Conklin
David Hamlin, Supervisor, Town of Fenton
Gordon Kniffen, Supervisor, Town of Kirkwood
Ken DelBianco, Commissioner of Public Works, Tioga County


Lou Santoni, President, Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
Richard McCormick, Southern Tier East Reg. Planning Development Board
Carl Beardsley, Commissioner of Aviation, Broome County
Matthew Pasquale, Chair, Broome County Legislature Transportation Committee
Cathy Kuzman, MPO Liaison, NYSDOT Main Office
Kevin McLoughlin, Regional Director, Empire State Development
Richard Beers, Planning Highway Engineer, FHWA Division Office
Nina Chung, Federal Transit Administration
James Ritzman, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

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