Binghamton School Closings

Probably you have heard about the dilemma facing the Binghamton School Board. Given current enrollment and budgetary issues, they have decided that one elementary school has to be closed. Also Roosevelt School on the North side is in bad repair and needs to be closed or re-built which will take potentially several years during which Roosevelt students will be displaced.
The question is whether neighborhood schools are important to young people’s development and education. Or, is busing students from one neighborhood to another school is just as good?  It does seem that the School Board is trying to be transparent and open about what to do so sharing your opinion is really important.
There are four community forums to share your voice.  All are scheduled from 5:30pm – 7:00 pm on the following:
Sept. 14 at MacArthur Elementary School
Sept. 27 at First Ward Senior Center
Sept. 29 at Carlisle Apartments – 150 Moeller Street
Oct. 3 at NoMa – 85 Walnut Street.
There are 5 scenarios being considered – 1 is to close Roosevelt. The other 4 are to rebuild Roosevelt and close a different building, or rebuild Roosevelt and not close any buildings.
A great deal of information is being shared with the community via mailings, PR statements, news articles and on Facebook.
Please consider sharing your voice and thoughts at one of the 4 meetings.
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