First Friday Line up for August

Cooperative Gallery 213 | 213 State Street
“Growth Patterns” “Familiar Spaces”
Diana Whitehead, Karen Fedczuk
On view: 08/05/22 – 08/27/22

Diana Whiteman, who is showing at the Cooperative Gallery for the first time, will show paintings in acrylic. She says, “I am attracted by the patterns in the natural world as well as inside the body. I explore the dynamics of growth in plant and animal life as well as personal or metaphysical growth. She continues, “I tend to look at things closely, which lends itself to both discomfort and fascination. Being removed from the natural world, there is a kind of peace in depicting plant life, whereas images of the body or animal life may cause a more visceral, sometimes uncomfortable reaction. At the same time, the plants I choose to depict have a personal if amorphous significance to me, which grows as I spend more time with them.”

Karen Fedczuk explores new territory in each of her exhibits at the Cooperative Gallery. She explains, “Familiar Spaces is a new body of work which explores reimagined places using a mixed media technique. As the images evolve through trial and error, they become familiar spaces that I have known.”

Open First Friday 5PM – 9PM |

Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery | 204 State Street
Reclaiming After Life
On view: 08/05/22 – 09/24/22

Omit is best known for producing layered wood carvings in relief. Inspirations tend to be organic & architectural in nature. A constant play between positive & negative : light & dark.
Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Portrait Art School & Studio | 186 State Street 2nd Floor

No exhibition at this time.


The Bundy Museum of History and Art | 129 Main Street
Art of Broken Things | Tea & Cinema
Bob Alan Bricks | Rick Iacovelli
On view: 08/05/2022 – 08/30/2022

Art of Broken Things by Bob Alan Bricks: “…I shall create and I shall destroy. I shall purge and I shall replenish. I will make love to my Muse on paper every night and I have killed many times on canvas. My visual experiments are often sprinkled with the “”thrown away””, the useless, grotesque, out of place, and “”discarded”” playing key roles in a brand new narrative where their value is wide open to the viewer’s own interpretations. ”

Tea & Cinema by Rick Iacovelli: A unique experience of watercolor & ink paintings on tea bags; plus a collection of mixed media cinematic images. Also included in this show are various eclectic images of geisha woman, musicians, musical instruments and more.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Binghamton Photo | 32 Cedar Street (Bundy Campus)
Beauties & Bedlam
Nox Images (Iris French & Mike Seman)
On view: 07/01/2022 – 08/30/2022

*Not suitable for those under 18 years of age. About the artist: “Nox Images creates fantastical worlds with a fetish flair utilizing digital photography. Through the incorporation of pagan undertones, grimly abandoned buildings dotting the coast, and borderline cinematic characterizations, Nox Images specializes in a sensual darkness that embraces oddity and celebrates the female form.

The exhibition has no cohesive theme but explores the elements that make up what Nox Images is known for – fetish, fantasy & horror. Each image reads less like a stagnant piece and more like a still from a literary scene, as if you happened upon the creature mid-story. Beyond being cinematic, Nox focuses on embracing raw sexuality in a way that’s celebratory of the female form. Whether doused in glitter or blood, Nox Images is sexuality seen through the female gaze. At its heart, it’s both erotica and camp that’s meant to be a worship of women in their most fantastical or fearsome forms.”
Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM (music at 7PM)|


Phelps Mansion Museum | 191 Court Street
Mansion Tours

Take a self guided tour of the Phelps Mansion. Guests can download the app ‘uniguide’ prior to their arrival. The 1st and 2nd floor of the mansion will be open for viewing from 6pm to 9pm.

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |

Muckles! | 60 Court Street
Art in Motion
CNY Porsche Club

Featuring an outdoor street exhibit with the CNY Porsche Club! A designated portion of State St. will be reserved for a safe & walkable exhibit of various Porsche models. This will also be a dog-friendly event, so please bring your furry friends (on leashes!) for a night on the town! Upstairs will feature the resident screen-printing studio where visitors can experience event-related art live printed on apparel stock of their choosing!

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Roberson Museum & Science Center | 30 Front Street
The Robersons
07/2022 – TBD

Our newest exhibition featuring various belongings of Mr. and Mrs. Roberson such as clothing, paintings and furniture. We are also offering tours of the mansion at 6 and 8.
Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM |


Kilmer Mansion | 9 Riverside Drive
Alex VanTassel
The Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier
On view: 08/05/2022

Art and Music

Open First Friday 5:00 – 7:30PM |


Garland Gallery | 116 Washington Street

The music of singer / songwriter Pat Raube. 30% OFF anything on the walls!

Open First Friday 6PM – 9PM (music at 6PM) |

Whole in the Wall Restaurant | 43 S. Washington Street
Dalgliesh Photography
Alexandria Dalgliesh
On view: 08/05/2022 – 08/26/2022

A.J. Dalgliesh is a 28 year old local photographer, born and raised in Binghamton New York. She’s has loved photography for as long as she can remember but has just recently reconnected with her passion. She prefers photographing urban & rural decay as well as nature.
Open First Friday 6PM – 8PM (reservation required for dine-in) | |


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Kids Commons Gallery | 60 Morgan Road

No exhibition at this time.

The Trolley leaves from Phelps Mansion Museum at 6PM and 7PM, touring downtown Binghamton and up to the Bundy Museum of History and Art, and returning to the Phelps. Parking is available at the Phelps Mansion Museum.

The Trolley Tour is FREE and highlights local architecture and Binghamton sights! Stops along the way include Lost Dog Café, Roberson Museum and Science Center, and Bundy Museum. The Trolley is operated by Broome County Transit and sponsored by the City of Binghamton / Binghamton Local Development Corporation (BLDC). Additional support is provided by volunteers of the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier (PAST).

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