Truth Pharm receives $20,000 grant from the Drug Policy Alliance

Truth Pharm is thrilled to announce they have received a $20,000 grant from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) to assist with their efforts for policy change in the Southern Tier and New York State. 

The DPA is the world’s leading drug policy reform organization, and their mission focuses on advancing policies that reduce the harm of drug use and drug prohibition and promote the rights of individuals to decide what they do with their own minds and bodies. They have been vital in challenging the disproportionate arrests, discrimination, and harm of young people and people of color around the nation since they formed at the beginning of this century.

“We’re thankful to be recognized by the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug policy reform leader, and to have their support so we can advocate for important reforms here in our community and home state,” said Alexis Pleus, Executive Director of Truth Pharm.

The grant from the DPA will assist Truth Pharm by expanding the capacity of the organization’s efforts in reducing the harms caused by the carceral system, decreasing discrimination in the healthcare setting towards people who use substances; while also expanding understanding of the impact of the overdose epidemic on communities of color in the Southern Tier. Truth Pharm is working to increase the area’s reliance on harm reduction approaches, raise awareness and support of marijuana legalization, and expand their collaborative work with local grassroots social and racial justice groups. The grant will also facilitate Truth Pharm’s work on statewide coalitions such as End Overdose NY.

Truth Pharm, a local nonprofit based in Binghamton, was founded in 2015 after Alexis Pleus lost her own son Jeff to his struggle with Substance Use Disorder. The organization strives to end the stigma, challenge the conversation and misinformation surrounding substance use, and help end the racist and failed war on drugs.

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