Superheroes Painted at Floral Ave. Park

Kareemah Scurry, a Johnson City artist, has completed her vision for the children (including her own) at Floral Ave. Park. She calls her mural “Environmental Superheroes” and represents superheroes of all cultures. “The figure on the left is dreaming about how to take care of the Park,” explained Kareemah. “One Superhero controls the weather; the Superboy has seed pods in his belt. Two others are the strong ones to protect the Park.”

This mural, painted on plywood, covers a shed at the Park. The other side has a Flower Mural designed by Shawna Stevenson and painted by BOCES Students. In all, the Dept. of Public Art has created eight murals at Floral Ave. Park. The public art was paid for, in part, by Chenango County Arts Council with a NYS Arts Decentralization Grant, with additional funds from the Hoyt Foundation, and from the Town of Union Community Development Funds.

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