We Can Change, America

          People of America, why have we taken this wrong turn. When our founding fathers made America is this how they dreamed the people of America would be. Afraid of who we think are different. Afraid of any change of opinion. Scared to even consider how we could make ourselves better people. Have we lost our minds! Has Martin Luther King taught us nothing!

Children are our future. But are we teaching them to make a bright and peaceful future? Or a future of war and destruction. There are people out there trying to make the world a better place. Think about it. Are we listening to them? NO!!! Are we never going to change? Is America destined to be this way?

         Or can we change our behavior? Join me on my voyage to make the world a better place. Join me on my ship of kindness and hope. People of America, we can change if we put our minds to it. But it is a team effort.


By Kaitlin C. Baker

Age 10

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