What is the Broome County Jail Culture?

Federal, state and other counties offer five (5) free postage paid envelopes to inmates.  Broome does not.  Why not even one a week?

There are no weekend visits at BC Jail.  This is a hardship for relatives from out of town and for those who work locally.   Does that mean there are not full shifts on the weekends?

Tioga County only has weekend visits.

Visitors to BC Jail frequently have to wait up to two hours to see the inmate and may be denied a visit even then.  If one used a bus to get there, this must play havoc.  This does not encourage the community support for rehabilitation.  Imagine a large room with a lot of people talking all at once.  It is difficult to hear.

Visiting hours are limited to those scheduled on different times on each day.  There are evening hours some days depending on which Pod an inmate is in.  Rest assured there are lonely inmates who would like to see you.


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