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Climate Justice Countdown

So many in our communities are poor and struggling. And it’s not by accident. We are being deliberately exploited and manipulated for the benefit of the 1%. Our bodies are being exploited for cheap labor, and our land is being destroyed as they extract resources to make energy, poisoning our water and our air and […]

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Join the Resistance Movement (the latest from Citizen Action 4/30)

Photo of poster by Isi Trapper.UPDATED 4/30/17

General Meeting – the First Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the First Congregational Church, 30 Main St., Binghamton.

Coordinating Committee meeting (open) Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 at Citizen Action. 

Committee Meetings – each committee meets right after the general meeting on the first Wednesday of each month plus at other times (see end of list for details).

Actions and Events and Trainings  

Sunday, May 7 – 1:00 -3:00  door to door canvassing to identify people’s concerns and bring more people into the movement.  Meet at Citizen Action at 1:00 for training.  We work in teams.  For information call Mary Clark at 723-0110.

Tuesday, May 9 – Statewide Senior Action Council lobby day in Albany – call Mary Clark at 607-723-0110 if you would like to attend.

Wednesday, May 10 – 6:00- 7:30 – Resistance Movement Coordinating Committee meeting at Citizen Action.  For information call Mary Clark, 607-723-0110.

Saturday, May 13 – noon – Women’s Health March in honor of all women for mother’s day we will march for women’s health from Family Planning to the County Court House. For information call Mary Clark at 607-723-0110.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 25, 26 and 27 – 5:00 – “The Sand Beneath the City” by Abbey Fenbert a revival performance by Amoreena Gabriel Wade –  KNOW Theatre, 74 Carroll St., Binghamton. Hosted by Citizen Action of New York – Southern Tier Chapter

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Fair Elections Now

It is time for a change and getting the Fair Elections bill passed in New York this legislative season is a big part of that change. We need the opportunity to elect people to statewide office who represent citizens not just the wealthy people and corporations who fund campaigns.
The Fair Election bill provides for public financing of elections and gives ordinary citizens an opportunity to run for office. This is how it works – if you want to run for a statewide office, you raise small donations from the people in your district (the limit is $250 a person) and if you get enough donations to show you are a viable candidate you qualify for matching funds from the state on a 6 to 1 basis. You also have to agree to some rules, you have to get 50% of your money in district, you have to restrict the amount that comes from corporations to a smaller percentage, and any money not spent goes back to the state, you do not get to keep it as candidates do now – and all it costs is about 2 dollars a year per household. Only 2 dollars to save millions. Yes, millions of our tax dollars a year go to projects that benefit only the rich. It is time to start turning this around.
Please contact your elected officials and let them know you support this cause. Tell them you are tired of the corruption in Albany and that we need a change; tell them to pass the Fair Elections bill this year. You might feel this bill is not enough and I would agree but let’s start, let’s get this done so we can move on to the next challenge in promoting good government. You can reach the Governor’s office at 518-474-8390.

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