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Citizen Action Celebrates Election

Binghamton, NY–CITIZEN ACTION CELEBRATES THE SUCCESS OF ENDORSED CANDIDATES AND THE WORKING FAMILIES PARTY LINE IN BINGHAMTON AND ACROSS NEW YORK This morning, Citizen Action of New York is celebrating our success and the success of our progressive partners, especially the Working Families Party, in helping secure a victory for Governor Kathy Hochul over far-right […]

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2018 Phoenix Awards

This year’s Honorees are Amelia LoDolce, Alexis Pleus and Cecily O’Neil. The event is next Wednesday, June 13th @ 6:00 – 8:30 pm at Endwell Greens Golf Club Event Center, Endwell. You can purchase tickets and/or sponsorship online here: Tickets: Sponsor: ALEXIS PLEUS (Truthpharm) The Founder of Truth Pharm, Alexis Pleus, works selflessly

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Tax Bill Will Hurt Working Families in Central New York

Albany, NY — In response to the House passage of the tax reform bill, Citizen Action of New York Executive Director Karen Scharff and Central New York Citizen Action President John Furman issued the following statements:

"The passage of the House tax reform bill is a kick in the teeth to working families in New York State. This bill is nothing more than a giant bonus check for billionaires and large corporations. At a time of rising inequality, we can't afford to shift more wealth from poor and working class families to the excessively wealthy. Rep. Tenney should be ashamed at supporting a bill that hurts so many of her constituents. The bill not only makes taxes more unfair to working people, but it also will lead to deeper cuts to education, health care, and other vital programs we depend on,” said Karen Scharff, Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York

“We are very disappointed that Rep. Tenney voted to pass a giant tax cut for corporations and the wealthy. We know from experience that instead of generating economic growth and jobs, tax cuts and the resulting lost revenue leads to unacceptable cuts in education, health care, and vital public services. Currently, corporations already pay far less than their top statutory tax rate of 35%. The tax bill will not bring jobs back but instead will encourage corporations to send work offshore, replace labor with machines, and give higher compensation packages to their CEOs. This tax bill is a disaster for Central New York families. Corporations and the wealthiest among us will receive trillions of dollars in tax breaks. At the same time, needed revenue for investments in education, infrastructure, housing, and health care will be taken away from Central New York communities. Low- and moderate-income families in our congressional district will pay twice–by seeing their taxes go up, and by losing services such as Medicaid, SNAP, housing vouchers, education, and child care,” said John Furman, President of Central New York Citizen Action.


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Tax Day Rally

About 200 people attended the Tax Day Rally. It was one of hundreds across the country and in Washington DC, protesting the Republican/Trump plans for a budget and tax policy. Protesters also demanded that President Trump reveal his taxes, especially because of his foreign investments and entanglements. Citizen Action schedule of events in next story below. May 6th is the next Indivisible meeting at Endicott Library. See FB page for more details.

Photo by Patti Schwartz, from Indivisible Binghamton Facebook page.

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Join the Resistance Movement (the latest from Citizen Action 4/30)

Photo of poster by Isi Trapper.UPDATED 4/30/17

General Meeting – the First Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the First Congregational Church, 30 Main St., Binghamton.

Coordinating Committee meeting (open) Second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 at Citizen Action. 

Committee Meetings – each committee meets right after the general meeting on the first Wednesday of each month plus at other times (see end of list for details).

Actions and Events and Trainings  

Sunday, May 7 – 1:00 -3:00  door to door canvassing to identify people’s concerns and bring more people into the movement.  Meet at Citizen Action at 1:00 for training.  We work in teams.  For information call Mary Clark at 723-0110.

Tuesday, May 9 – Statewide Senior Action Council lobby day in Albany – call Mary Clark at 607-723-0110 if you would like to attend.

Wednesday, May 10 – 6:00- 7:30 – Resistance Movement Coordinating Committee meeting at Citizen Action.  For information call Mary Clark, 607-723-0110.

Saturday, May 13 – noon – Women’s Health March in honor of all women for mother’s day we will march for women’s health from Family Planning to the County Court House. For information call Mary Clark at 607-723-0110.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 25, 26 and 27 – 5:00 – “The Sand Beneath the City” by Abbey Fenbert a revival performance by Amoreena Gabriel Wade –  KNOW Theatre, 74 Carroll St., Binghamton. Hosted by Citizen Action of New York – Southern Tier Chapter

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Broome Dems and Citizen Action Launch Broome Blight Busters: Time to “Fight the Blight”

Democratic Legislators Jason Garnar and Colleen McCabe, in partnership with local officials and community groups, are each hosting district meetings to talk with constituents about the pressing challenge of blighted properties, and to share information about new funding and a civic reporting tool that could help local and county officials wage a more aggressive fight against blight.

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